STUDENTS ON ICE is an award-winning organization offering unique educational expeditions to the Antarctic and the Arctic. Our mandate is to provide students, educators and scientists from around the world with inspiring educational opportunities at the ends of the Earth and, in doing so, help them foster a new understanding and respect for the planet.

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July 9-24, 2014


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The Students on Ice Arctic Youth Expedition 2014 represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for youth to expand their knowledge about the circumpolar world, and to gain a new global perspective on the planet, its wonders, and its present and future challenges.

The ship- and land-based journey will explore the eastern Canadian Arctic and western Greenland between July 9 and 24, 2014. It will involve 85 international high school students, 14 to 18 years old, a team of 35 world-class scientists, historians, artists, explorers, educators, innovators and polar experts, and 30 public and private sector leaders. Students on this summer's expedition will develop the knowledge, skills, perspectives and practices that will help them to be Arctic ambassadors and environmentally responsible citizens.

Expedition activities will include extraordinary wildlife encounters, educational day excursions, visits to remote Arctic communities and archeological sites, and opportunities to acquire first-hand knowledge and insight into the dynamics of climate change. Participants will likely encounter whales, seals, polar bears, caribou, seabirds, walruses and more. The expedition team will be a part of a powerful cross-cultural experience though which they will gain perspective on the planet and their homes.

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Planned expedition route and schedule (subject to change)



Expedition Goals

Expeditions equip youth with vital tools and knowledge that allow them to link local realities to global issues while empowering them to bring about positive change.

CONNECT to the natural world
FOSTER a new understanding and respect for the planet
LEARN about the Arctic environment and northern Indigenous cultures
EXPLORE solutions to our most pressing global challenges
INSPIRE participants to make a difference



Expedition Themes

A Students on Ice expedition brings together environmental and civic education, cultural immersion, personal leadership development, and plenty of polar adventure.

...of humans and natural systems

  • How are we connected to nature and to each other?
  • In what ways are cultural, social and natural systems related?
  • How does change in one part of a system
    have an impact on something else?

...the quest for adventure, purpose and meaning

  • How do we see and understand ourselves
    and our relationship with the world?
  • What do you hope to learn on your Arctic expedition?
  • In what ways will this experience affect you and how you see your future?
  • How can you make best use of your interests and talents
    to help build the world we need?

...personal, environmental and social change

  • Why are the Arctic and the Earth changing?
  • How can we work to bring about positive changes to our lives, communities and the world?
  • What changes can/should you make?
  • How does personal and societal transformation happen?

The Students on Ice Arctic Youth Expedition 2014 will inspire young leaders to make a difference at home and around the world!




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