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Daily Updates
Good morning and welcome to Reykjavik, Iceland!

(all photos below by Lee Narraway)

SOI Education Program Director Tim Straka leads
icebreaker games in Reykjavik, Iceland

More icebreaker games!

SOI Participant Coordinator Niki Trudeau greets
Marine Institute student Jonathan Chatman

Gloria and Ayagutak at the Airport

                Eileen Emudluk taking photos    Simon Shaimaiyuk catches up his reading

Our team arrived early this morning in beautiful Iceland at the unseemly summer vacation hour of 6:25 am! All are well and happy! The weather report calls for some light showers at some point in the morning and the temperature averaged about 12 C with a lot of wind!

We had a full - VERY full day!!!

Enjoying a natural hot tub at the Blue Lagoon

Photographing the butterfly wall at the Viking Museum

Our entire team - including those who arrived in Iceland during the preceding days - met this morning at 8 am at the beautiful Blue Lagoon - for their first day of Icelandic geothermal wonder! After a hearty breakfast and a dip in the hot springs to shake off the trans-Atlantic cobwebs, the team gathered for a formal Meet and Greet. It will, after all, be the first time the entire group had met.

Other activities during the day included:

- A special tour of the world famous Viking Ship Museum at Keflavik
- Check in and a rest period at our Reykjavik hotel.
- A walking tour of Reykjavik - followed by "icebreakers" on the Parliament lawns.
- A special restaurant "Welcome to Iceland" dinner

- An evening presentation by SOI Educator Ari Trausti at the beautiful "Nordic House" .

- Lights out at 10:30 PM - our exhausted students succumb to sleep!

Boat builder and explorer Gunnar Marel Eggertsson describes the construction
and expeditions of the replica of a Viking ship at the Viking Museum

Naiomi Itulu and Allanah Johnston

Yaneev Forman

Max Bodishtianu

Alannah Johnston, Katherine Nuotio-Trimm, and Alicia Klassen

Stay Tuned for Further Updates!


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