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Daily Updates

July 23, 2009: Ottawa, ON, Canada

UPDATE 9:00 am EDT

Good morning - and welcome to the Arctic Expedition 2011 Daily Updates!

Several times per day - throughout the expedition - we will be updating these pages with the latest important information, student journals, photos and videos from the expedition.

New this year, our friends and partners at home can follow the expedition live on Geoff Green's twitter account! Our Expedition Leader will tweeting often and you can visit his account at!/geoffgreen_soi

This morning, we have students travelling from around the world - some are convening in Ottawa and some are convening in Toronto and some are travelling to Iceland - but by tomorrow morning - all 75 students and 45 educators will be in Reykjavik, Iceland kicking off this adventure of a lifetime!

And what an adventure we have ahead of us!

Throughout the morning and afternoon, students and staff are being picked up at Toronto International Airport and whisked over to the Toronto International Airport Hotel where they are meeting up with the rest of the team. Students will be participating in an SOI Arctic Youth Expedition Presentation and starting to work on their journals.

Our Greenlandic participants are already in Reykjavik and they are spending the day with SOI staff touring the city.

And in Ottawa, our team has just boarded buses and are en route to Toronto to meet up with the team at the Airport Hotel.

All in all - it's been a very smooth first morning and everyone is very excited, happy and exactly where they are supposed to be.

Tonight at 9:10 PM EDT - the entire Toronto contingent will board their Icelandair flight for Reykjavik - and the adventure will officially begin!

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow...

And please feel free to explore our website. We have biographies of the students and staff, a full itinerary posted, educational information - and of course a "thank you" page dedicated to our many wonderful sponsors.

Stay Tuned for More!



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