Students on Ice Expeditions has brought together an international team of scientists, artists, educators, explorers, writers, societal leaders and social innovators. The staff team's experience and enthusiasm ensures that student participants will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Arctic. These staff work closely with student participants to ensure the expedition is an unforgettable adventure!

Founder & Executive Director, Students on Ice

Expedition Leader

Canadian adventurer, environmentalist and educator Geoff Green has been leading expeditions and adventures from pole to pole for the past twenty years. Many notable organizations such as the Discovery Channel, World Wildlife Fund, National Audubon Society and the Smithsonian Institution enlist Geoff to lead their groups into the world's most remote and interesting regions.

In 2005, he received a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from the U.S. Congress for his work with youth and the environment. He was also selected one of Canada's "Top 40 under 40" - an annual national prize event saluting Canada's top young leaders. In 2004, Outpost Magazine chose Geoff as one of the "Top 5 Canadian Explorers" to watch.

Geoff is the founder and Executive Director of Students on Ice Expeditions an award-winning educational organization based in Chelsea, Quebec. The program - now in its tenth year - has taken over 1,500 students, teachers and scientists from around the world on expeditions to both the Arctic and the Antarctic. The goal of this unique project is to give the world's youth a heightened understanding and respect for the planet's global ecosystem, and the inspiration to protect it.

As expedition leader, Geoff is a veteran of 76 Antarctic expeditions and 32 Arctic expeditions.

To read Geoff's full biography click here. To learn more about Geoff, visit

Alumni Coordinator, Students on Ice

Maggie Crump's adventures and studies have taken her to Denmark, Italy, Finland, Scotland, Switzerland, the Yukon, Nunavut, the Maritimes – and most recently West Africa, where she spent the past year exploring, working and studying development in Ghana, Mali and Burkina Faso.

She looks forward to her daily bicycle commute through Gatineau Park to the SOI office where she works as the Alumni Coordinator, assisting the development of the organization's Alumni Program. She is excited to be taking part in this summer's Arctic Expedition and is looking forward to being able to examine the parallels between the issues of climate change adaptability and development that she encountered in West Africa, in the Canadian North.

Come September, Maggie will be returning to Dalhousie University in Halifax to complete the final year of her undergraduate degree in International Development. In her spare time she enjoys biking, running, photography, playing or listening to music and reading (both novels and the Hansard – Canada's Parliamentary Debates).
Operations Manager, Students on Ice

Reina Lahtinen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law from Carleton University where she led the women's soccer team as an award-winning varsity athlete. She has done acquisition and contract work for various high-profile exhibitions at the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Canadian War Museum and currently sits on the executive of the Canadian Nordic Society. Her combined love for the poles, passion for being outdoors, and drive to engage young people has brought her to Students on Ice in 2007.

Before and after work Reina can be found skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, running, biking or swimming in the Gatineau hills.

Education Program Director, Students on Ice

Tim Straka co-creates transformative learning experiences with students of all ages. Committed to environmental and civic education, he has taught at elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels across North America, in Central Europe, in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Tim’s interests range widely from philosophy, to ecopsychology, to bioregionalism, and youth empowerment. He has worked with Outward Bound Canada, the YMCA of Greater Vancouver, the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, the Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre, Ontario’s Ministry of Education and several Canadian Parliamentarians. Tim is a member of the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication, the Ontario College of Teachers and the Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario.

Tim lives an active lifestyle. He enjoys skiing, paddling, swimming, biking, hucking frisbees and back-country travel. Tim is currently completing the construction of his passive home which will meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design/LEED™ for Homes Platinum Certification.

Tim earned a Master of Science degree in Environmental Studies from Lesley University, and undergraduate degrees in Outdoor and Experiential Education (Queen’s University) and Politics (Bishop’s University). He has worked full-time with Students on Ice since 2007.

Participant Coordinator, Students on Ice

Niki holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics and is a recent graduate of the University of Ottawa's Bachelor of Education program. Her love for the outdoors began on paddling trips with her family in Algonquin Park. It was this passion for environmental awareness and outdoor adventures that brought Niki to Students on Ice in 2008.

As the SOI Participant Coordinator, Niki's ability to smoothly coordinate trip logistics and be the primary participant liaison is instrumental in making SOI expeditions successful. She manages the day-to-day operations of our field programs and provides support for expedition staff, educators, chaperones and student participants. As part of her work, Niki travels on Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. This immersion helps her understand the student and staff experience and provide support to all those hoping to participate in SOI expeditions.


Jolly is dedicated to keeping his culture strong through artwork. Much of the strength of the print tradition thriving in his home community of Pangnirtung, Nunavut Territory, can be attributed to Jolly's talent, enthusiasm and generosity.

Jolly’s work in stencil, lino prints and etching is cherished by collectors around the globe. He has also become known for his woodcuts, silkscreens, watercolours, sculptures, jewellery and filmwork.

Jolly regularly tours the south, promoting the release of the Annual Collection of Pangnirtung prints. His work can also be found in 22 Northern Image Galleries across Canada.

In addition to interpreting original drawings from the community archives, Jolly creates his own imagery. Animals and spirit creatures are recurring motives in his work. He hopes that through his work people will learn more about Inuit culture, its traditions and the art of printmaking.


Legendary Explorer

Norman Baker's adventures started early. He won a contest for taking flying lessons at the age of 13 and soloed on his 17th birthday.

Thor Heyerdahl, whom Mr. Baker met in Tahiti, engaged him as celestial navigator, radioman and second-in-command on his three reed boat expeditions, Ra, Ra II, and Tigris.

In addition to working as an engineer, Norm was for nine years captain of the sailing schooner Anne Kristine, a Norwegian ship built in 1868 and one of the oldest vessels plying the open seas, conducting sail training and ocean research several months each year. He, his wife and children worked three years rebuilding Anne Kristine in the British Virgin Islands before sailing her in the Tall Ships Parade for the Statue of Liberty Centennial Celebration in New York. Most recently he participated in research expeditions to Easter Island in the South Pacific. He is a Fellow and Director of The Explorers Club, does white water canoeing, scuba diving, horseback riding, flying, served as a senior member of the National Ski Patrol and as an instructor of oceanography with the Naval Reserve in which he holds the rank of Commander.



Jeff spent last year teaching in the remote community of Paulatuk in the Western Canadian Arctic. He teaches experiential science, wildlife management, outdoor experiences, and physical education. Jeff holds an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and worked as an Ergonomist for seven years prior to discovering his passion for teaching full-time. Currently Jeff is completing a Master of Education degree at Nipissing University, researching the long term impacts of international teacher placements.    

In his time away from teaching and thesis research Jeff can be found enjoying various outdoor pursuits and traveling. Jeff feels blessed to have explored much of Canada as he has lived in five of Canada’s provinces and territories. His travel bug has taken him throughout Canada, coastal United States, Costa Rica, Australia, Cameroon, Norway and the United Kingdom. Jeff also enjoys dabbling in photography and poetry writing. 


Expedition physician

Dr. Terry Brennan is currently a family doctor with a practice in Osgoode, Ontario. He has had a strong interest in remote medicine since medical school at the University of Ottawa. He has worked in India, Borneo and Ethiopia, but his true love is the Arctic. While a member of the military, he did an Arctic survival course with the princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. 

In 2005-2006 he and his family lived on Baffin Island where he worked in Iqaluit, Pangnirtung and Arctic Bay. Terry gained valuable experience working in these remote communities and was able to fully experience life in the far north.

Academic, Author, Human Rights Advocate
& Environmental Activist

Michael Byers holds the Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at the University of British Columbia.

Prior to 2005, he was Professor of Law and Director of Canadian Studies at Duke University; from 1996-1999 he was a Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford University.

Michael is a regular contributor to the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and Ottawa Citizen, and a frequent guest on the CBC, CTV and Global.

His most recent book is Who Owns the Arctic?, described by Thomas Berger as "A much-needed road map for policy-makers and an unusually readable guide for every concerned citizen who wants to understand Canada's choices in the Arctic."

Michael lives on Salt Spring Island with his wife and two young children. He enjoys running, swimming, back-country camping, music and the arts.


Climate Policy & Advocacy Specialist

Zoë Caron is the Climate Policy and Advocacy Specialist for WWF-Canada. Her mandate is to work with partners to identify, build public support for, and secure Canadian government leadership on climate policy.

Beyond WWF, Zoë is the co-author of Global Warming for Dummies, Editor of International Policy on, and is the President of the Board of Directors for Sierra Club Canada.

Prior to WWF-Canada, Zoë worked as a research associate with the Eco-Efficiency Centre at Dalhousie University coordinating the provincial renewable energy stakeholder consultation project in Nova Scotia. She has also worked with non-profit companies and organizations on sustainability, education and social mobilization. In 2008, Zoë served as Students on Ice's Alumni Coordinator.

Zoë's academic background is in international development and environmental science. She has attended multiple United Nations Climate Change Conferences, co-founded the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, and was aboard the Students on Ice-International Polar Year Antarctic Youth Expedition 2007 (including travelling most of the way to Argentina by bus and train).


Polar Issues Coordinator, UNEP/GRID-Arendal

John Crump is the Polar Issues Coordinator at GRID-Arendal, a Norwegian foundation which supports the work of the United Nations Environment Programme. His work focuses on climate change, Indigenous Peoples and the co-management of resources, new environmental governance structures, and other related issues.
John's academic background is in journalism, communications and political economy. He has a Bachelor of Journalism and a Master's Degree in Northern and Native Studies from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. His love of the north began when he set up a tent one summer on the bank of the Yukon River. After finishing his undergraduate programme, he traveled and then wound up back in the Yukon where he worked as a journalist and met his wife, Leslie Cole. Two of his three daughters were born in the Yukon.  

After working with CBC Radio, John became Cabinet Communications Advisor to the Yukon NDP government. Currently residing in Ottawa, he has worked on policy issues for the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, been Government Relations Manager for the Nunavut Planning Commission, and Executive Director of the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee (CARC). He was also Executive Secretary of the Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples' Secretariat in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the course of his work he has travelled extensively in the circumpolar world and to many other countries to talk about the history, politics and global importance of the Arctic. He coordinates a programme called Many Strong Voices ( which links people in the Arctic and Small Island Developing States and supports their efforts to raise awareness about the effects of climate change in their regions. This work involves new community-based research on adaptation and vulnerability, lobbying at international climate change negotiations, and helping people tell their stories to the world.  

John has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in journalism, public administration and geography at Yukon College in Whitehorse, Carleton University and the University of Trier in the beautiful Mosel Valley in Germany. He’s looking forward to his second voyage with Students on Ice and hopes to avoid induction into the Horizontal Club.


Educator, Leadership Director
& Graduate Student Coordinator

Bryn holds an Honours BA from the University of Toronto, where she also coordinates graduate student services.  Bryn has been a Camp Director, Assistant Director, Leadership Director, Activity & Planning Coordinator and has organized major events for many not for profit charities. She has been a captain, coach, president, leader, editor, ambassador and has organized numerous sporting and extra curricular teams. Bryn has extensive experience with leadership development for youth and young adults and strongly believes that all youth around the world have the power to create a better, positive and sustainable future. Bryn’s passion for leadership development also includes travelling off the beaten path around the world, and the major importance of environmental awareness. She is a well rounded individual with experience in graphic design, landscaping, fashion, photography, languages with interests in architecture and health care. When not in the office, Bryn is living a very active life style with her huskies either travelling, playing ultimate frisbee, track, rock climbing, hiking, dog sledding or camping. Bryn has completed numerous tournaments, has represented Toronto in sport and has been an athlete at the Canadian Nationals. She is also an artist, teaches mixed media classes, and loves to read.

Adventure travel, the environment at the Earth's Poles, stepping outside comfort zones and taking positive risks are Bryn’s passions. Bryn strongly believes in life long – hands on, outdoor learning and believes in trying everything at least once.

Migratory Birds Conservation Biologist

Garry has been working with the Canadian Wildlife Service for nineteen years on different projects but with a focus on migratory birds.  Before that, he spent some time working as a science teacher at a rural boarding school in Malawi and for an adventure travel company guiding white water canoe trips in the Northwest Territories and hiking trips in Nunavut.

During the course of his career he has participated in field research in many parts of Canada but his focus was on Arctic seabirds which took him to many remote locations in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

Currently occupying a desk-based job, Garry is responsible for managing the migratory birds program and the listing of species at risk for the Canadian Wildlife Service.   Conservation of migratory birds requires work be done in the countries where Canadian birds go in the winter so Garry is working with biologists and conservation organizations in a number of other countries including the Untied States, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Guadeloupe, Panama, Peru, Argentina and Chile.  In almost every case, birds from the Arctic benefit from the work being done in Latin America.


CÉGEP Educator

Christine is a Geographer who received her undergraduate degree from l’Université de Bordeaux (France). After two years of graduate study at the University of Victoria, where she focused on the newly emerging issues of salmon management on the Pacific Coast of Canada (with the direction and advice of the renowned Geographer Dr. Derrick Sewell) she also received her MA from l’Université de Bordeaux.

In 2008 Christine retired after more than thirty years as a Professor of Geography at the CEGEP de l’Outaouais. Her teaching, writing, research and pedagogical interests focused on urban and social Geography and the Geography of Tourism. During her academic career Christine taught many students, and (later) their children, who have become notable teachers of Geography themselves, particularly in Québec and Eastern Ontario. Christine is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and a member of the Society’s Research Committee.

Arctic Biologist & Historian,
Documentary Filmmaker

An arctic biologist and historian, David Gray has studied birds and mammals in Canada’s High Arctic since 1968. Formerly a research scientist with the Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN), he has made over 30 research trips to the arctic islands, studying the behaviour of musk oxen, arctic hare, and red-throated loons. As an independent researcher since 1994, he has prepared reports on Peary caribou, arctic wolves, the cultural and natural resources of three northern national parks, and the historic places of Nunavut.

He has written two books on arctic subjects (The Muskoxen of Polar Bear Pass and Alert: Beyond the Inuit Lands) and completed two Virtual Museum of Canada exhibits: The Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913-1918 and Ukaliq, the Arctic Hare. David worked on a number of arctic films and museum exhibits for CMN, and is a Research Associate at both CMC and CMN. David has travelled to several arctic communities to interview Elders in relation to his research on arctic wildlife and history. He is at present working on two films and a book on Arctic history.


Paul B. Hamilton received his M.Sc. in Freshwater Aquatic Biology from the University of Waterloo in 1983 and undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Western Ontario. His thesis research was on watershed dynamics, primary productivity and energy transport. Paul has worked at the Universities of Guelph and Waterloo on the impacts of pesticides and acid rain on aquatic environments respectively, before moving to the Canadian Museum of Nature in 1984. At the museum Paul has conducted taxonomic and ecological studies across Canada, the United States, Mexico and Indonesia. Paul is the present curator of CANA (the National Phycology Collection of Canada) which holds more than 81,000 samples. 

Over the years Paul was given the opportunity and privilege to explore and study freshwater aquatic systems across the Arctic Archipelago. The biology of these freshwaters is as diverse as the geology of the islands. The hidden historical records in the sediments at the bottom of these lakes and ponds are a treasure chest of knowledge that continues to capture his interest and research endeavors. Other select research projects include; water quality and microscopic life in lakes and ponds from Florida to Ellesmere Island, North America; the impact of organic contaminants and mercury on aquatic systems in northern Canada.  

Paul has personal interests in history, natural history, and a special love of solo canoeing and kayaking. Through his scientific journal he has authored or coauthored the description of 27 new taxa and two new genera to science, coauthored 3 books on diatom taxonomy and ecology, and published 83 reviewed scientific papers, and 37 technical reports and popular articles.


Peter is a Geographer by profession and received degrees from the London School of Economics (B.A. Hons.), the University of Victoria (M.A.) and the University of Washington (Ph.D.). His areas of interest are ocean and coastal management, with particularly reference to the Arctic.

Peter started his career as a Faculty member in the Department of Geography at the University of Ottawa. In 1981 he joined the Public Service of Canada and has held senior positions in Departments such as Finance, the Privy Council Office and Indian and Northern Affairs. Peter has served as the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Canada, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and Indian Residential Schools Resolution Canada.

Peter is Professor, Stauffer-Dunning Chair and Director of the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University. He is a Fellow, Governor and Vice-President of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Science Educator & Journalist


Having survived the frigid winters of Winnipeg, Canada with little difficulty, Mike took on his first Arctic expedition in 2009 thinking he was well-prepared. What he didn’t expect was how much he wanted to go BACK! In this second opportunity to explore the Arctic, he will once again put his background in astronomy, writing, nature and physical sciences to good use with the SOI team.

 As a graduate of the University of Regina, Mike started his professional life with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, and soon developed a passion for informal science and astronomy education. For the past 15 years, Mike has been working as a science educator and program developer at nature and science museums in Winnipeg, including his current “home base” – The Manitoba Museum.

At the Museum, Mike is renowned for his sense of humour and hearty laugh, which he is bringing with him on expedition (along with many seasickness remedies!). Mike enjoys learning about the Arctic and the effects of climate change, but the most rewarding aspect is helping the students make the best of their experiences through journal writing, pod teams, educational seminars, and informal conversations. 

Mike can’t wait to meet all the Students On Ice participants this summer and share in their opportunity of a lifetime!

Small Business Owner & Manager

Wayne Lovstrom was introduced to Students on Ice by his daughter and participated in the Arctic 2008 expedition as a chaperone. He had such an incredible experience that he decided to chaperone once again in 2009. Wayne is from Three Hills, Alberta, and enjoys photography, camping, nature and listening to music of all kinds. He has also just begun to learn fencing, the sword kind, not the post and picket kind. After the expedition Wayne plans on using the experience to help him communicate more effectively about the importance of taking care of this world, the only home we have.
Landscape Artist

Linda Mackey, Canadian landscape artist, is Art Liaison for International Polar Year IPO, Director of Arctic Quest and founder of Polar Artists Group. She first traveled to the High Arctic in 2002 with renowned artist Doris McCarthy and returned with a passion to share the Arctic with others. She led a group of artists to Pangnirtung, Baffin Island for a sketching trip in 2004, and with Kathy Haycock of Eganville, Ontario, and Bonnie Levinthal of Philadelphia, began plans for Arctic Quest and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Northwest Passage in 2006. The Arctic Quest project is fully endorsed by IPY, project #338.

Linda’s painting “Follow Your Dreams” was presented to Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor the Honourable James Bartleman in 2006 by the TDCSB as part of their twinning initiative between Nunavut and schools in Toronto. Linda has taught thousands of school children and artists art workshops based on her Arctic travels and is Artist in Residence for the TDCSB and The Club at Bond Head. She has also been Artist in Residence and presented powerpoint presentations and workshops on the Arctic for galleries, museums, and art groups including McMichael Canadian Art Collection and Varley Art Gallery. Linda is a former board member of the Society of Canadian Artists and an elected Signature Member of the Worldwide Nature Artists Group.

The Arctic inspired Linda to simplify light and form in her paintings and she is best known for her Arctic landscapes. She has won several awards for her work, which can be found in collections across Canada, United States, and England.

Chief Correspondent, CBC News

Peter Mansbridge is the chief correspondent of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's news service. He anchors CBC's flagship nightly news program, The National, and all CBC News specials. He is also host of CBC News Network's Mansbridge: One on One.

Mansbridge began his career in 1968 in Churchill, Manitoba where he helped develop CBC Radio's news service to northern Canada. In 1971, he moved to Winnipeg as a reporter for CBC Radio, and in 1972, joined CBC Television. He became The National's reporter in Saskatchewan in 1975, and, in 1976, was named one of the program's parliamentary correspondents in Ottawa. He became chief correspondent and anchor of The National in 1988.

In more than 40 years with CBC News, Mansbridge has provided comprehensive coverage of the most significant stories in Canada and around the world. Most recently, Mansbridge interviewed U.S. President Barack Obama-an exclusive, and Obama's first Canadian interview as President.

During a decorated career, Mansbridge has received 12 Gemini Awards for excellence in broadcast journalism. He has also received eight honorary degrees from universities across the country and has been recognized by leading universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. In 2008 Mansbridge was made an officer of the Order of Canada by Governor General, Michaëlle Jean. In 2009, he was named Chancellor of Mount Allison University in New Brunswick.

Geologist & Glaciologist

Chair of the Geography / Geology Department at Nipissing University, Director of the Nipissing Environmental Research Centre and an Adjunct Professor with the Cold Regions Research Centre at Wilfrid Laurier University, Eric has been conducting glaciological research for the past 20 years.

Most of his research has been conducted on glaciers in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Saint Elias Mountains in Yukon Territory, and the Himalayan Mountain Range. Dr. Mattson's main research interest revolves around energy balance studies (small scale and large scale), and research into variations in glacier volume to determine past, present and future trends in glacier size and melt water production. Other research involvements include snowmelt modeling in North-eastern Ontario, debris flow activity in Banff National Park, and island biogeography in Massasauga Provincial Park.



Ellen McGinn lives with her husband, Charles Reif, on Saturna Island, one of the many gulf islands in the Salish Sea off the coast off British Columbia. For many years she dreamt (really) of Antarctica, and finally was able to go there in 2007. This time Ellen is delighted to be heading North with Students on Ice, and hopes to find words to describe the almost indescribable. A graduate of the MFA writer’s programme at UBC, Ellen has published a book of poetry, has had her plays performed in Vancouver, and has taught Creative Writing at Langara Community College. Recently, she planted an artichoke and three flowering current bushes.

Polar Explorer & Educator

Internationally recognized as the top woman polar guide in the world, Matty has journeyed to both Poles setting several very impressive world records. She led the first women’s expedition to the North Pole in 1997.

After leading 2 expeditions 600 nautical miles to the South Pole, Matty returned to take her daughter, Sarah, and son Eric to the South Pole. Sarah (age 18) & Eric (age 20) became the youngest in the world to ski to the South Pole. Matty and Sarah are the first Canadian women to ski all the way to the South Pole. Matty and her son, Eric (who both have duel citizenship) were the first Americans to ski all the way to the South Pole unsupported and un-resupplied. From the South Pole they kite-skied back in a world record of 17 days!

Matty has an infectious zest for life, a creative mind, a lateral problem solving approach to challenges and a great sense of humour.

Foreign Service Officer

Jeannette Menzies has had a long-standing personal interest in Arctic and Antarctic issues.

A native of Winnipeg, Jeannette has a B.A. in Canadian Studies from the University of Manitoba and an M.A. in Canadian Heritage and Development Studies from Trent University. She has worked as an environmental educator in Alaska, a park guide in Moab, Utah, a cycle-touring guide in France, and represented the Canadian Government in Australia, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Alaska and Norway.

Jeannette currently works for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade as a Foreign Service Officer. She has covered various files at the department including circumpolar affairs, Canada- U.S. relations and consular services and emergency management.

Jeannette`s interests outside of work include cycling, running, cross-country skiing, basketball, playing the piano and spending time with family and friends at her home in Chelsea, Quebec.

Journalist & Author

Alanna Mitchell is an author and journalist who writes about science. She was a reporter for 14 years at Canada's National Newspaper The Globe and Mail and was a reporter at The Financial Post for three years before that. Now, she is independent and mainly makes her living writing popular science books and giving public talks. Her latest book, Sea Sick: The Global Ocean in Crisis, is an international bestseller and won the 2010 Grantham Prize for excellence in environmental journalism. She lives in Toronto with her husband and two children. 

Adventure Photographer

Lee Narraway spent her childhood exploring the wetlands, forests and lakes of Eastern Canada with her father, an outstanding naturalist and environmentalist. This ignited a passion and curiosity for the outdoors that continues to this day.

Lee received her first camera at ten years of age and soon discovered the joy of sharing her view of the world with others. She uses natural light and her ability to communicate with people to create unique environmental portraits. Her professional career is now focused on travel and adventure photography.

In her quest for outstanding images, Lee has skied, hiked, canoed, backpacked, and traveled by dog team, horseback, snow machine, helicopter, hot air balloon and icebreaker to remote and isolated parts of the world.

When she visited Canada's High Arctic, Lee became fascinated with its diversity and haunting beauty. Now, she strives to capture its mystery and magic on film by documenting the dramatic scenery, the wildlife and the evolving lifestyle and culture of the Inuit.

Based in White Lake, Ontario, this professional adventure photographer continues to travel the world, discovering wildlife, landscapes and characters through the lens of her camera. Her popular photography workshops have been taught in such diverse areas as Australia, Canada, Chile and the Arctic.




Not everyone thinks of New York City as the place to study biodiversity, but that is where Paige lives and works on projects related to global ecosystems and the services they provide. Paige’s passion for environmental issues has taken her around the world; since participating in the 2004 SOI Antarctic expedition, she has traveled to over 40 countries and lived in diverse environments ranging from Costa Rica, Indonesia, Northern Ontario, and Switzerland. Upon completing her Master's in environmental science and policy she worked for the United Nations Environment Program in Geneva, and is currently a research associate at the Center for Environmental Research and Conservation, part of the Earth Institute at Columbia University. Upcoming activities include developing new metrics for environmental sustainability for the UN Millennium Development Goal Summit and assessing the science behind payment for ecosystem services schemes as part of a partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society, ForestTrends, the Land Tenure Center, and Enterprise Works. 

In her spare time Paige loves to hike and bike, read about green design (she is a LEED AP) and is an active volunteer for the Nature Conservancy. She's looking forward to the expedition and especially excited that her first trip to the Arctic is during the International Year for Biodiversity.


Pascale Otis first started working in the polar regions in 2000 when she was a student at Laval University studying cold adaptations in Greater Snow Geese (that’s when she was nicknamed Mother Goose!). After graduating with a Masters in Biology, she continued her research on polar species at McMurdo station in Antarctica before coming back to Canada to study the physiological response of humans exposed to extreme environments. Pascale has always loved traveling and discovering new places. Her passion for adventure led her to spend 15 months on a sailboat that wintered on the Antarctic Peninsula (Antarctic Mission – Sedna IV). Upon returning from the Ice, she then crossed the South Pacific Ocean on a smaller sailboat where she filmed and documented the impacts of environmental changes on many tropical islands. Her goal as a biologist is to share knowledge by making science accessible to the general public.



Jacqueline is committed to creating meaningful and authentic learning experiences for students of all ages. A life-long learner, she has attended numerous presentations and workshops by a diverse group of leaders-in-their-field, including such notables as Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Deepak Chopra, David Suzuki and Robert Redford. In 2009, she completed an internship with the Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit, focusing on the site fidelity of bottlenose dolphins and minke whales.

Jacqueline has traveled widely around the world, but it is her love of wild places that has led her to raft the length of the Alsek River, trek the Sierra Nevada Mountains and canoe the lochs and waterways of the Scottish Highlands. Most recently, she participated in the 2009 SOI youth expedition to Antarctica.

Jacqueline earned an undergraduate degree in Law from Carleton University, and her teacher certification from D’Youville College. She is an accredited Reading Specialist (York University), Mathematics Specialist (York University) and recently completed an additional teaching qualification in Senior Law (Queen's University). Jacqueline is currently enrolled in the United Nations International Environmental Law program.


Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Health & Environment, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami


Polar Scientist & Historian

“Scobie” Pye is a research scientist with a Master of Science degree awarded by the University of Tasmania, Australia. Over the past 30 years much of his life has been spent in southern latitudes working with the British Antarctic Survey (B.A.S.), the Australian Antarctic Division and the University of Tasmania. He has spent four winters and seven summers on the island of South Georgia, two summers on the floating ice shelf station of Halley Bay in the Weddell Sea and two winters and nine summers on Australia's Macquarie Island. Scobie's main scientific interests are focused on the conservation and management of Polar Regions. He has worked and traveled extensively in the northern latitudes. In 1978, Scobie was awarded the Fuchs Medal for outstanding service to B.A.S.
Geographer, Author & Polar Historian

Over the years, Jim has written for media outlets including Canadian Geographic, National Geographic, Explore, The Globe and Mail, as well as for CBC Radio and The Discovery Channel. He is the best-selling author and editor of 14 books including Summer North of Sixty, Fire in the Bones, Bark, Skin & Cedar, Deep Waters and, most recently, Emperor of the North: Sir George Simpson and the Remarkable Story of the Hudson’s Bay Company. He is Past Chair of the Arctic Institute of North America as well as a Fellow and Past Governor of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, service for which he was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002.

Between expeditions and northern projects, Jim has had a number of real jobs. For 19 years, he was a professor of Outdoor & Experiential Education at Queen’s University Faculty of Education, where his teaching was recognized with a number of provincial and national awards. Since leaving Queen’s in 1999, he has been based at his home in the Rideau Lakes north of Kingston, Ontario, balancing dog walking and canoeing on Cranberry Lake with practise as a freelance writer and broadcaster with part-time work as the first Curator of the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough, Ontario.

Environmental Educator, Musician & Storyteller

Remy Rodden is first and foremost an environmental educator—a biologist, interpreter and teacher—who just happens to have a natural talent for singing and song-writing. As Manager of Environmental Education and Youth Programs for the Government of Yukon Territory, Canada, Remy leads and oversees popular wilderness-based experiential youth programs and supports environmental literacy in schools. He is also a well-known "eco-singer" whose performances and recordings have garnered international attention. (The song “What’s That Habitat?” from the album Think About the Planet is part of compilation celebrating the UN Earth Charter).

Rodden often tells his audiences "We all have gifts to share, to help make the world a better place." Assisting people recognize and utilize their true gifts, and supporting them in moving from awareness to action are primary targets for Remy. Certification in leadership development and executive coaching supplement his Queen’s University degrees in biology and outdoor/experiential education.

Rodden's life and music is influenced by his daily contact with the relatively pristine natural Yukon environment. Over two decades in the North has included building an off-grid home, running a dog-sled operation, and raising a bilingual family of three boys.

Inuit Elder

David Serkoak was in born in northern part of Nueltin Lake, southwest of Arviat, Nunavut. David has worked in many levels in education as a teacher (primary/secondary schools), vice-principal, principal, Instructor at Nunavut Arctic College, and as a curator at the British Museum of Mankind in England. David helped to develop Inuktitut teaching materials at all levels local, regional and territorial. During his free time he spends his time making Inuit drums, teaching youth about the art of drum dancing and on weekends he hunts and checks his fox traps. He is an Instructor with the at Nunavut Sivuniksavut Training Program.

Polar Guide & Educator

Alex Taylor’s Antarctic career kicked off in 1992 when he was hired by the British Antarctic Survey as a polar guide for a glaciology project in the shadow of Mt. Vinson. This led to dozens of other expeditions and soon to leading expeditions in the High Canadian Arctic. A love of the polar region’s incredible landscapes, wildlife, history and other-worldly experiences keeps him coming back to these remote locations year after year.

More than 10 seasons south in Antarctica have afforded Alex the privilege of visiting many parts of the continent working in support of science projects for the British Antarctic Survey and the United States Antarctic Program. He has also provided technical and safety support for television and films down south. Most notable were the two ship-based expeditions to film the award-winning feature Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure.

Alex has a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary, specializing in Outdoor Pursuits and Geography. He has climbed and traveled all over the world but the Canadian Rockies and the Canadian Arctic remain his favourite places on the planet.

Alex’s home base is in Canmore, Alberta. He has been working in the Rocky Mountain National Parks for over 23 years. His eclectic work life has always been focused on the wild outdoors and has included jobs as a wildland fire fighter, wildlife technician, weather station specialist, still photographer and videographer, to name a few. When not in Antarctica, Alex works as a backcountry project manager for Parks Canada in Lake Louise.

Fisherman & Former Minister of Fisheries

Over the past twenty-five years Trevor has worked extensively in many aspects of the fishery.

Prior to the moratorium on Northern Cod in 1992 he worked as a crewmember on fishing boats involved in the cod, turbot and crab fisheries off the northeast coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. He was an instructor in fishery related courses for the Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland, was a fisheries observer and has worked in international fisheries development with Oxfam in Nicaragua.

During the 1990s he served on the executive board of the fishermen’s union in Newfoundland (FFAW) and spent six years as a staff member of the FFAW.  He served six years as a member of the Fisheries Resource Conservation Council and was chair of its Gear Technology Sub Committee.

From 1998 to 2000 he was captain of a 55’ fishing vessel, fishing shrimp and crab off Newfoundland and Labrador.

In 2001 he was elected, for the first of three terms, as a Member of the Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly. As a member of cabinet he served as Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Minister of Transportation and Works,   Minister of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development, Minister Responsible for Labrador Affairs, Minister Responsible for the Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation and Minister Responsible for the Rural Secretariat. He also served on government’s Economic Policy Committee, Social Policy Committee, and the Planning and Priorities Committee of Cabinet.

On October 2, 2009 he stepped down from politics to assume his current position with Oceans North Canada. Oceans North Canada is a fisheries and marine conservation organization, dedicated to advancing conservation goals in Canada’s Arctic marine areas. It is led by the PEW Environment Group in conjunction with Ducks Unlimited Canada.

Co-host, CBC News Ottawa

Lucy van Oldenbarneveld is co-host of CBC News Ottawa at 5, 5:30 & 6.

Lucy’s work with CBC has taken her almost literally from one side of the country to the other. Before coming to Ottawa, Lucy was the host/reporter of the afternoon radio show at CBC Whitehorse. Lucy has reported on a number of significant Canadian events, including the 2002 G8 summit in Kananaskis. Lucy is involved with providing journalism training in different parts of Africa - most recently in Abuja, Nigeria. Over the past 20 years Lucy has explored many spectacular spots across the North. She has hiked in Kluane and Ivvavik National Parks, canoed the Yukon’s Wind and Big Salmon Rivers, sea kayaked British Columbia’s Queen Charlotte Islands and has witnessed up close the migration of the Porcupine Caribou Herd while rafting on the Firth River.



Whale Cove, NU

Samson Igutsaq Adjuk was born and raised in Whale Cove, Nunavut. He is 16 years old and his birthday is July 2, 1993. He loves going out hunting and playing basketball. He has two sisters and 4 half brothers, but his 3 half brothers live in Baker Lake. His parents are Lucy and Gary Taipanak. His school is Inuglak School and he is going into Grade 11 this coming August.

He is part of the Junior Canadian Rangers and finds this a great opportunity to learn lots. He can go out hunting with the Rangers, target shooting, drills, sports, and learns how to use a GPS. He loves going to school because he wants to get an education and graduate. There is a lot to learn and it takes a lot of hard work to go out hunting and to know how to survive on the land. He loves going hunting because it’s nice and comfortable, peaceful and quiet.

He has been to the Arctic Winter Games for Inuit games, and it was fun and awesome. Challenging the good athletes was hard for Samson because they’re bigger than he is and they practice a lot. He also went to a basketball tournament 4 years in a row and got his first medal, a bronze medal.


Iqaluit, NU

Jonathan Alexander is from Iqaluit, Nunavut. He is in Grade 10 and attends Inukshuk High School. He works as a stock boy at the North mart. Jonathan is also a cadet with the 795 Squadron. He enjoys going for walks, playing guitar and video games, and being with his friends and family. He has two brothers and one sister. Jonathan is the youngest of his family but is the tallest and the biggest. Last year he went down to Ottawa for part of the summer. He went to a farm for the first time. Jonathan saw how taxidermy is done and saw how the fur gets put on a mount. Some of the animals that they worked with were deer, bison head, fish, grizzly bear, coyote and birds like an owl. He also saw horses, llama, and alpaca up close. In the barnyard there were chickens, turkey, pigs, chinchilla, cats and lambs.

Jonathan enjoys hunting a lot, and goes with his father, brother Mike and his grandpa. He also likes to head out on the water to go boating. Whatever they see that they can eat they try and catch, like seals, whales, birds or caribou. He's even caught a seal and a duck himself. Jonathan also thinks fishing is fun when you can catch a lot of fish, but prefers going ice fishing. Some of his favorite foods are frozen seal meat, fresh char, frozen muktuk (whale skin with little bit of blubber), fresh and frozen caribou meat and polar bear meats (boiled).


Iqaluit, NU

Jennifer Amagoalik is a 16 year old teenager. Jen loves to spend time outdoors, and although she's shy, she likes to make new friends. Jen is the oldest in her family. She has 3 sisters and 1 brother, and looks up to her loving mom, as her role model. Jen has a part-time job at a store called Arctic Ventures, and has been working there for 2 years. Whatever Jen wants, she works for it. Jen is not in any after school activities, but she loves art and singing. She loves walking long distances in the tundra, and skidooing during winter. Jen is open to learning from her mistakes and plans to keep learning lots throughout her life.  Jen credits her friends and family for supporting her and helping her persevere and grow.


Tsiigehtchic, NT

Deron is a young teenager, who is currently in Grade Nine at Chief Paul Niditchie School in Tsiigehtchic, NT.  Deron will be leaving the community next school year to attend Samuel Hearne High School in Inuvik, NT.   Deron currently is 15 years old, and has 6 brothers.  Deron has lived in different places but has called Tsiigehtchic his home for the past 5 years. Deron enjoys playing soccer, floor hockey, biking around in the summer and listening to music.  Last spring Deron had the opportunity to travel to Ottawa, Montreal, and North Bay with his class. 


Tasiujaq, QC

My Name is Jimmy Jacob. I live in Tasiujaq. I like to play hockey and go hunting.


Kuujjuaq, QC


Kuujjuaq, QC

Larissa Annahatak Aitchison is 15 years old.
She lives in Kuujjuaq in Nunavik. She's travelled to Toronto, Florida, New York, Yellowknife, Alberta, Vancouver, and more with the Uvikkait Dome Dance Squad. Larissa likes to sew, loves to throat sing with her aunt and others and she is more than happy and excited to be on this expedition.

Montreal, QC

Born in Montreal, Kim – being a curious girl – likes taking part in any and every new adventure that welcomes her. With diverse hobbies like reading, writing, music and painting with water colours, she is a spirited artist and nature lover. Calm, discreet and creative, she prefers to express herself through her writing and musical talents. Extremely interested in science, Kim includes biology, oceanography, zoology and ornithology in her current professional interests. She knows that she is at a critical point in her studies and that this Arctic expedition will furnish her with the necessary tools to make her final career choice. Kim is an excellent adventurer, and easily adapts to all types of situations. Of even temperament and everlasting resourcefulness, she is an appreciated element in any group. Kim wants to discover the Arctic, its ecosystem, its fauna and flora, its inhabitants and study the health depreciation of our planet. This expedition offers her a chance of discovering and experimenting with many interesting professions. It will be a wonderful occasion to make new friends with common interests. It is principally through her writing that Kim will transmit the knowledge she will acquire while participating in this expedition. The North Pole remains for her a mysterious and legendary place, a world known to her but still unexplored since her youth, a place that the Quebec winter reminds us of each and every holiday season.


Tulita, NT

Chantal Bavard is 18 years old and currently lives in the small town called Tulita, NT. One of her goals is to experience the far north, much farther north than where she is from. She is in grade 11 and attending Chief Albert Wright School. Because of this school, her dreams have been answered and now she is on the expedition and going to new places. Her main goal is to become a scientist that helps nature and will have a positive effect on the world.


Beausoleil, France

Julie is sixteen years old (nearly seventeen) and comes from Lycée Albert Ier in Monaco. Since her childhood, she has always been very interested in nature because it symbolizes for her freedom, peace and magic. Even though Julie has not traveled a lot she often dreams of wonderful and infinite landscapes. Recently she began to work in a centre studying astronomy (the Astrorama) to escape the city for a little while, talk to the public and her colleagues, and to see the sky. For three years now she is a member of the FMCAU (Monegasque Federation of the Clubs and Friends of the UNESCO). She first entered it in order to produce a short film about the environment (the importance of water) and has created close relationships with the other members while doing different activities in order to help «Resto du Coeur», collecting funds for many causes.

Julie’s strongest passion is for writing, which she has found many uses for. She has written some involved texts and poems about war, refugees and the environment that she publishes on a website: Recently she wrote a text about the Arctic. This project has really made her think about this unknown land covered in mystery, and it has ultimately sparked her desire to go there. She knows this experience will teach her a lot and will help her meet and keep contact with people from all over the world. She hopes to share this adventure with others and above all make them understand the necessity of protecting the environment together.


Happy Valley - Goose Bay, NL

Emily Best is an honours graduate from Mealy Mountain Collegiate and will start her first year of university studies in Happy Valley Goose Bay, Labrador in September 2010. She plans to pursue Environmental Studies at Memorial University Grenfell Campus in 2011.  For several years, Emily has been an active community volunteer, tutoring other youth and assisting with town events and festivals. Since 2007, she has spent her lunch hours volunteering in the math help center and the school canteen, and this year also served on both the yearbook and graduation committees.  She has twice been awarded Youth of the Year at the town awards banquet. Using her creativity and inspired by the wild berries that grow in Labrador, she creates jewelry and house wares with polymer clay and then wholesales her unique products to nine locations across the province of Newfoundland Labrador. Her entrepreneurial success has been recognized by Youth Ventures locally and provincially.  Besides crafts, Emily enjoys cross country skiing, snowmobiling and training her two Labrador retrievers.  She is really looking forward to meeting the other youth involved in the Students on Ice Program this summer and hopes to see polar bears up close.


Tsiigehtchic, NT

Chavaughn Blake is a young teenager, who is currently in Grade Nine at Chief Paul Niditchie School in Tsiigehtchic, NT.  Chauvaughn will be leaving the community next school year to attend Samuel Hearne High School in Inuvik, NT.   Chavaughn currently is 14 years old, and is the youngest out of 3 sisters and 1 brother, and lives with both of her parents.

Chavaughn enjoys playing soccer, driving skidoo, walking around town, chatting on the computer and listening to music.  Last spring Chavaughn had the opportunity to travel to Ottawa, Montreal, and North Bay with her class.  She also has spent a great deal of time both in Yellowknife, NT and Whitehorse, YK for cross-country skiing and as a Page for the Legislative Assembly, on school trips and visiting family.


Barry's Bay, ON

Alyssa Borutski is a recent graduate from Madawaska Valley District High School in Barry's Bay, Ontario. In the fall a short ten days after her return from the Arctic she will be embarking on yet another journey. She will be moving to Halifax to pursue her post-secondary education at Dalhousie University. Alyssa will be a member of the Dalhousie Integrated Science Program (DISP), where she will be studying Biomedical Science.

Throughout high school Alyssa has always had a keen interest in science. She has shown this through her many projects that she has taken to the Canada Wide Science Fair. Last summer she was also fortunate enough to be one of forty-five Canadian students that were chosen to participate in an international science fair that was held in Tunis, Tunisia.

Alyssa is an active member of her community and while in high school she enjoyed playing on her schools varsity basketball and volleyball teams. She loves downhill skiing, photography and spending time with her friends and family and she greatly looks forward to her adventure to the Arctic!


Makkovik, NL

My name is Nathan Broomfield. I am from Makkovik, Labrador and I enjoy playing hockey.


Memphis, TN

Every year Tyandreas, better known as Ty, participates in all kinds of different summer programs. However he has never entered a program quite like this. As an up and rising senior at Melrose High School, he believes this is an opportunity of a lifetime and is very excited to join the expedition. Ty is often referred to as a leader, and wants to try some of his leadership skills and capabilities out on this Arctic Expedition. At his school he holds many offices. He is SGA President and was junior class president. He also participates in many club and social activities. He is a scholar with an outgoing and pleasing personality. As an avid writer and excellent orator, he believes in a good education. He is a hard worker and is very persistent. Even though he lacks organizational skills, he tries to go over and beyond what is required. The last program Ty completed was Upward Bound Math and Science at Morehouse College, and it opened many doors. He believes this program will do the same. He hopes to gain many new life skills and knowledge. He likes to travel and explore, but has never left the U.S. So what he will gain by traveling to the Arctic Region will give him much more than what he was looking or hoping to find in his quest to quench his thirst for knowledge.


Salt Spring Island, BC

Cameron Byers lives on Salt Spring Island, BC, halfway between Vancouver and Victoria. His scientific interests include geology and paleontology. He plays the electric bass, enjoys hiking and rock climbing, and wants to learn how to fly. He has a brother named Fraser and a dog named Murphy.


Tasiujaq, QC

My name is Daniel Cain-Annahatak. I live in Tasiujaq.
I'm interested in hunting.


Ottawa, ON

Kamil was born in Montréal, Canada in 1994 and moved to Ottawa in 2001.

His mother was born in the Dominican Republic while his father was born in Iraq. Kamil is currently attending West Carleton Secondary School, in Dunrobin.

His greatest desire has been to go to the North Pole

and study the Arctic, from a young age. Kamil reads scientific articles on a regular basis and aspires to be a scientist. Some of his other interests and hobbies are Taekwan-Do, F1 racing, snow boarding, drumming, visual arts, soccer, and biking. Kamil has taken great interest in Students on Ice and followed their activities and updates since 2008. He prefers the outdoors and appreciates nature. To him there is nothing more pleasant than a vast, white scenery. Kamil prefers autumn and winter season and cannot bear the heat, despite his Dominican/Iraqi heritage. He is enrolled in outdoor education at his school; luckily West Carleton Secondary School owns many acres of forest. Other activities Kamil enjoys are camping, canoeing, kayaking, hiking/ jogging, and fishing – discomfort has never been an issue with him. By going on the Students on Ice expedition Kamil hopes to further his scientific knowledge of the Arctic, see Inuit culture, and finally see the photographs he has gazed at for years in person. To him Students on Ice is a thrill, an adventure, and a means to fuel his inspiration and curiosity.


Mississauga, ON

Fatin’s interest in environmental conservation developed during his research at SEHD (Society for Environment and Human Development) during his summer internship in Bangladesh. By joining the Green team and the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance, Fatin pursued his newfound passion for “saving the world” through organizing community events, tree planting, litter pickups and engaging youth to commit to a sustainable lifestyle. As a PEYA executive, he recognized that while raising awareness is imperative to provoke change, it must be followed by tangible actions that youth can work on.  As Student Council Vice President and Green Team executive, he has harmonized clubs and pooled resources to spearhead numerous events including the first school-wide environmental awareness assembly. With PEYA, he has been committed to helping youth network and share ideas to implement environmental actions. As an Ecomentor doing interactive environmental workshops with elementary students, Fatin believes teaching kids these essentials will inevitably have positive effects. He has also organized numerous workshops across Ontario ranging from a crowd of 3000 students to a panel of City Council members. Fatin hopes to polish his interest by studying environmental engineering and eventually, he wishes to find work finding more sustainable approaches to a lifestyle which is becoming obsolete.


Williamsford, ON

Nathanael Cormier lives in a small hamlet called Williamsford in southwestern Ontario with his elder sister Skye and his Mum. He has always lived there on 47 acres surrounded by a bush lot that is home to many different animals and Negro Creek runs through their bush. A local Amish family farms their land but he and his sister plant a very large organic garden. He recently completed grade 12 and will be attending Sault College in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario in the Field Naturalist course this fall. He plans to also take the Outdoor Survivalist course afterwards. For many years he has been involved in a concert band and also in the “Be the Change” group which is a social justice committee that specializes in environmental and social change brought about by young people. Recently, he began a course at “Grey Roots”, the local museum, and has been learning black smithing techniques as they were done a century ago. Nathanael has long held an interest in the study of the far Canadian North through the reading of books by Jack London and the great European North through the books by Snorri Sturluson and the Icelandinga Sogur. He believes this experience will be beneficial to his continuing educational plans. With this amazing opportunity he hopes to learn the great effects that our spoiled western world is having on the great northern landscape.


Telkwa, BC

Arctica was given her unique name because her parents, both dogsledders, wanted a name that would encourage appreciation and respect of the pristine northern lands. Arctica has had a passion for taking care of the environment for as long as she can remember. She collects a fine for charity from her family for every plastic bag brought home! Having been involved in science fairs for the past six years; Arctica’s projects usually focus on solving environmental problems. She competed at Canada Wide Science Fair the past two years; winning a bronze medal (Earth and Environmental Science, 2009) and a silver medal (Environmental Innovation, 2010.) Arctica is an active member of her school and community; participating in Leadership, “Youth for a Better World”, Band (playing clarinet), and Choir, and she is the Youth Representative on a team planning the sustainable future of the small town where she lives in Northern British Columbia. An honour student in all subjects, Arctica excels at math and enjoys reading, writing, and cooking. Arctica has a strong love for animals and she likes nothing better than to spend time outside; whether it be taking her dog for a walk, working in her garden, or cross country skiing. She is considering a career in environmental science, concentrating on animal habitat preservation. Arctica hopes to learn about what she can do to help with the deteriorating conditions of the Arctic, and she can’t wait to experience this beautiful land and be so close to all the magnificent wildlife.


New York City, NY

David Elitzer is sixteen years old and lives in New York City.  He is very excited to go to the Arctic and meet the rest of the expedition team this August! 

David does a lot in his free time in the city.   When it is warm out, he likes to rollerblade and ride his bike.  During the winter, he is on his school's swim team.  He likes hanging out with friends and walking around.  David is the co-president of his school's Chocolate Lover's Club.  He plays the piano, clarinet, guitar, double bass, bass guitar, and harmonica.  He speaks Spanish pretty well and some Hebrew.  He can also read a good amount of Latin, which is his favorite class in school.  He knows a (very small) smattering of Arabic and French and is learning a little Urdu.

David spends summer and winter vacations, as well as long weekends, in the northern Adirondacks.  Probably the oddest, particularly for a New Yorker, and craziest thing he does during the winter in the Adirondacks is luge.  He also downhill-skis, cross-country skate skis, and skates during the winter.  During the summer in the Adirondacks, David sails, water-skis, hikes, and kayaks.

He first heard about SOI from a friend who had gone to both the Arctic and Antarctica and loved it.  David has always been interested in discovering the wonders of the Arctic and is concerned about environmental issues, so he jumped at the opportunity.  He enjoys trying new things.  Last summer, David wanted to do something different from his NYC life, so he went on a terrific NOLS trip in Wyoming.


Iqaluit, NU

Lisa-Ann is from Iqaluit, Nunavut and is 17 years old. She is very excited to be on the Students On Ice expedition! She has been living in Pangnirtung for a couple of years and really enjoys being outdoors and going hiking there. Right now she currently lives in Iqaluit. Lisa-Ann likes going to new places and meeting new people and hopes that she’ll meet a lot of amazing people on this expedition. She hopes that other students from around the world are looking forward to this expedition and they will like it here in the Arctic.


Bracebridge, ON

Carolyn Gibson is a grade 12 student from Bracebridge Ontario.  She loves outdoor pursuits including summer and winter camping, as well as backpacking, canoeing and kayaking. Her lifetime of camping with her family has instilled in her a love for our environment. She is involved in a number of teams and clubs within her high school, has been the editor-in-chief of her school newspaper and is “Minister of Charities” on student parliament. Outside of school she is the lead of the Muskoka Me to We (Mob)ilizers, a social movement of young people working together for social change. Carolyn has also danced competitively for 5 years, with hip-hop being her favorite style. As a Canadian Ambassador at MY SUMMIT 2010, the parallel youth summit to the G8/G20, Carolyn had to opportunity to welcome and work with over 100 international youth delegates from 19 countries around the world.

Carolyn plans on pursuing environmental science and international development at university and hopes to spend time travelling and working abroad. She has dipped her toes in the Atlantic Ocean from PEI and the Pacific Ocean from Vancouver Island.  She has been to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Carolyn looks forward to exploring the Arctic and gaining a first hand view on the impact of climate change on our northern communities. She also looks forward to building new lifelong friendships.


Iqaluit, NU

This is Julie Hanson-Akavak, She is a 16 year old young lady from Nunavut. She is from Iqaluit formally known as Frobisher Bay and has lived in Yellowknife prior to there. Julie is the youngest sibling in her family of five and has two dogs, Rex and Diamond. Her interests are playing indoor soccer, going out on the land camping, hunting and fishing, snowmobiling and ice hockey and surfing the internet. She is currently in Grade 10 at the Inukshuk High School. Julie performs as a throat singer and drum dancer at special events. Nunavut in h language means "Our Land", and during this great expediertion she is going to experience and learn about her land and how beautiful it is as well as the very real potential harm and danger her Culture and the land and sea is in. She has traveled on many trips with her family by boat and snowmobile and could see that the land is changing rapidly and seems to thaw earlier now than normal. By taking part in this Students On Ice Arctic 2010 Expedition she wants to carry on the knowledge she gains to the people in her school and community and as well as people around the world that made climate change happen with our pollution. She also wants to let them know that it is not too late to try and save our beautiful world and the North she lives and breathes in.


Nanaimo, BC

Carson Hardy, a recent high school graduate, lives in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.  He enjoys the outdoors and everything it has to offer.  He has hiked the Grand Canyon and the West Coast Trail.  He has also sailed the Alaskan Panhandle and dug snow caves for winter camps.

Carson has two main hobbies.  One is woodworking and the other is frog rearing, and it is difficult to say which brings him more personal satisfaction. He is very proud of the bedroom suite he crafted, especially the 4-poster bed he designed himself, while his excitement was barely containable when he successfully bred a threatened species of poison dart frog. 

Next year Carson will be attending Camosun College for Environmental Technology.  This is a three year Diploma Programme that will give him a lot of hands-on-experience. Following this, he plans to continue his studies at Royal Roads University for a BSc in Biology.  Participating in this expedition might help him narrow his field of study and steer him in a direction he might not have thought of otherwise.  This choice of career path will hopefully lead to working in his favourite setting – the outdoors.


Calgary, AB

Khloe Heard is 18 years old and just graduated from St Francis High School this past spring. 

She has been playing violin since she was 7 and participates in a variety of sports.

 She is enrolled at Faculte Saint Jean next year which is a french branch of the University of Alberta. 

She is going into Biosciences then hopefully into education. 

The trip to the Arctic caught her attention because it is an experience that very few people have, as well as the environment has been something she has always been interested in since she was a little girl. She is very excited to experience the Arctic hands-on as opposed to from all the photos and articles she has been reading. Khloe is hoping to expand her horizons and meet new people and experience new things. The inuit art is something she is hoping to learn more about as well as their culture. 


Ulukhaktok, NWT


Markham, ON

Lavinia Hui is from Markham, Ontario. She is 17 years old, in Grade 12, and attends Unionville High School. She is also enrolled in an intensive Arts York Visual Arts Program at her school. Lavinia has one older sister and one younger sister. She enjoys playing sports, hanging out with her friends, and the outdoors.

 In the community, Lavinia is a member of Girl Guides and is currently in the Ranger Program. Lavinia enjoys volunteering and giving back to her community where she is the co-chair of Markham Mayor’s Youth Task Force, and has completed the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Level. Last year, she went to Costa Rica where she was able to experience a new culture and worked for a biological reserve FUDEBIOL. Lavinia enjoys travelling, and has visited Mexico, Bahamas, Florida, Michigan, Vancouver, and New Brunswick.  

In the future, she would like to pursue a career that focuses in the biological and medical fields. She is extremely excited to take up a new adventure and explore the wonders and mysteries of the Arctic. Lavinia enjoys meeting new people, taking up new challenges, and learning from others. She’s very excited about this Arctic trip and extremely thrilled to be part of this one in a lifetime experience.


Kingsport, NS

Joseph is an Inuk from Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, currently living in Kingsport, Nova Scotia.  He just completed Grade 11 at Horton High School and loves sports - mostly volleyball - and this summer is playing on the Nova Scotia Provincial team.

He is a diver and has extensive experience diving on sites in the Caribbean where he explored the impact of human activity and tourism on the environment as part of a documentary for a 13 week television show originally broadcast on Discovery Kids in 2009.

His interest in the Arctic includes the impact of global warming on Inuit communities and how it impacts on hunting and fishing. He is hoping the experience with Students on Ice will help him to improve awareness in others about Inuit, the importance of the land and the environment.

Joseph will attend University in the fall of 2011 but is still undecided about his program selection.  He hopes that this expedition will give him more insight about where he should focus his studies.


Pond Inlet, NU

This summer, Reesie is a summer student at the Government Building doing Economic Development and Transportation work, and sometimes she fills in for the front desk. She has six brothers and four sisters and is the second youngest. Reesie has lived in several communities in Nunavut and sometimes gets a little tired of all the moving.  However, her experiences in many different communities in the Arctic and her openness to change give her a unique perspective that she will bring to the expedition. It’s going to be one year since she has been living in Pond Inlet. Reesie is also very excited to graduate next year. One of her main interests is meeting new people, which will be easy for her because she really loves to make new friends. She is also excited to meet all the SOI staff, but it will take time for her not to be shy. What she’s hoping to learn are all the details about how the animals, plants, air and land are affected by climate change. And one of her main interests is to make sure that we’re not throwing too much garbage around the land and we are as environmentally friendly as possible.


London, ON

K.T. Irwin is extremely excited to be embarking on the 2010 Students on Ice Arctic Expedition, and meeting the other participants from across Canada and around the world.  K.T. is 15 years old and currently is in Grade 9. K.T. is very happy when she is outdoors, where she spends her time skiing, riding horses, biking, and hiking. She also has a passion for all types of music from rock to classical, whether it be singing, playing, or just listening.  K.T. loves to travel and learn about world cultures. She has traveled to Australia, Thailand, Costa Rica, and across much of North America.  K.T. is really looking forward to her time in the Artic, with a specific interest in learning how to help preserve and celebrate Inuit culture.  She is absolutely looking forward to seeing her first polar bear.


Pond Inlet, NU

This is Jamesie Putulik Itulu. He is from Pond Inlet, Nunavut. He is interested in wildlife and environment and loves spending time outdoors. He is interested to learn more about different animals away from his community. He spends most of his time drawing animals of the Arctic and especially exotic animals or creatures. Jamesie is interested and wants to learn more about different animals in the Arctic.

Jamesie’s experiences have led him to enjoy being close to animals, and staying away from home over a long period of time. He also likes learning new and different things by himself. Jamesie has a great deal of knowledge about the solar system, the earth, prehistoric creatures and their environments.

Jamesie’s expedition goal is to learn about leadership and how to be a good leader. His favorite animal is the Snow Leopard. His favorite activities are climbing, swimming, hunting, drawing, playing with friends, collecting rocks and fossils, going to different places, walking around, and helping my parents.


Ottawa, ON

Hannah currently works as a chef in a gourmet shop that focuses on using local produce and adhering to the 100 mile diet and slow food mandate.  She is also an avid rock climber, kayaker and outdoor enthusiast. She has lived on three continents which have given her a love of travelling off the beaten path.  Travelling to the Antarctic fuelled her love of adventure and now Hannah is so excited to be able to continue her polar education in the Arctic!


Puvirnituq, QC

Tamusi is from Puvirnituq, Quebec and is known around the community as Qumak. His favourite hobby is hunting wild life and he loves to be out all year round. He wants to learn as much as he can about hunting to improve his already impressive skills. Qumak has been travelling a lot in his life to both the south and further up north. He prefers to travel in the open air in order to enjoy the nature around him as much as possible.


Winnipeg, MB

Uliana has been an active member and one of the leaders of her school's environmental club, S.O.S.E.H, for two and half years. She has been involved in numerous environmental projects including alternative energy, alternative transportation, recycling, composting, organic gardening, and the Sisler biosphere. Uliana and a small group of representatives recently met with the leader of the Green party, Ms. May, to discuss their projects, and consequent challenges in becoming environmental leaders. Uliana as well maintains a keen interest in science, and was recently chosen to represent Canada at the International Science and Engineering Fair in San Jose, California. For her community involvement, she has received the Silver Duke of Edinburgh award. She has been as well involved with Shad Valley, and her group's project was chosen to compete at the national Shad-Cup. Uliana is enrolled at the University of Manitoba, and plans to pursue science and environmental majors. Uliana ultimately feels that this trip to the arctic will help her gain a better understanding, and appreciation of the world around her.


St. Johns, NL

Although born in PEI, Meagan has spent most of her life living in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where she is a full time student attending The Fisheries of the Marine Institute of Memorial University enrolled in the Marine Environmental Technology Program.  Meagan is not only working her way towards this particular diploma but she is actively pursuing her Bachelor of Technology degree.  Besides school, Meagan is a member of the Naval Reserves where she holds the rank of leading seamen as a Marine Engineering Systems Operator. Being involved in the Navy Meagan has had sailing experience including a trip to the Arctic 3 years prior.  Meagan is also involved in organizations such as Girls Guides Canada, Scouts Canada, and the Newfoundland Pony Society.  Having been involved in hockey, soccer, and rugby in the past Meagan is looking forward to becoming a member of another great team on this expedition.

Follow Meagen on her blog here:


Hong Kong

Though born in Vancouver, Canada, Vera has spent her whole childhood in Hong Kong. She has just graduated from a local high school back in Hong Kong and will be heading to the United States for college this fall after the expedition. She will be attending University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, majoring in engineering.

Like many other teenagers, Vera loves to read and watch TV or movies during her free time. She is also a major sports-lover. She was in athletics, cross-country and on the orienteering team back in her school and hopes to continue to pursue her interest in running. In additional, Vera hopes that she will have the chance to learn sailing and scuba-diving in the future.

Vera believes that this expedition will be a challenge for herself to learn and grow, as well as a memorable experience in her life. She hopes to be able to immerse herself completely in and enjoy the quietness and breath-taking beauty that the nature has to offer.

Through this Students on Ice Expedition to the Arctic, Vera hopes to learn about the culture of local Inuit and other natives, the ecology and organisms in a Polar environment, as well as the impacts that climate changes is having on the world. She is extremely excited about and is looking forward to the expedition and meeting everyone on the expedition team!


Markham, ON

Irene chose to partake in this Arctic expedition because she is passionate about the environment and wildlife. She hopes to achieve a greater understanding and appreciation of the Arctic environment and of Inuit culture. She would like to learn more about the environmental and social impacts of climate change, and the adaptation methods in which the Arctic wildlife and Inuits must impose in order to cope with their ever-changing land. Moreover, she also hopes to learn about how practices in today’s modern society will impact and define the environment for the future. With the knowledge, Irene intends to educate others about the Arctic environment and the measures that they can take to protect its environment. Ultimately, she hopes that this expedition will not only supply her with a deeper insight into the Arctic, but multiple others as well, and ignite a positive change.  In her spare time, Irene enjoys rock climbing, biking and travelling. Her most recent venture was a trip to Canitas, Costa Rica, where she stayed with host families and volunteered at the Santa Elena Reserve. In the future, Irene intends to pursue a career in either wildlife biology or veterinary.


Montreal, QC

 Jessica Magonet is a creative, enthusiastic and well-read environmental advocate! She lives in Montreal and attends Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf CEGEP in a Science, Literature and Art program. Last year, she co-chaired a youth conference that examined the link between climate change and poverty called Green vs. Greed, featuring Elizabeth May and Ray Zahab. The conference was organized by the environmental club she founded at her high school. This December, she volunteered for the Canadian Youth Delegation to Copenhagen's Home Team. Jessica continues to show her planet some love by sitting on the Sierra Youth Coalition’s Executive Committee and by planting (and hugging) trees on Mount Royal. Jessica loves to write, tap dance, make care packages, and read in the bath. She is addicted to Glee, knitting, and red current ice cream. Her library card is her most valuable possession.


Jessica is unbelievably stoked for her trip to the Arctic! She is particularly interested in learning about the people of the Arctic and how they will be affected by climate change. She also can’t wait to meet the other students on the expedition. And to maybe catch sight of a polar bear.  

Jessica hasn’t decided what she wants to study at university yet, but is currently considering environmental policy, history and medicine.


Stratford, ON

Will is passionate about Canada's north and has just finished reading Ice Passage, the amazing story of the McClure expedition searching for the Northwest Passage in the 1850s while it also search for the lost Franklin expedition. Will is an avid hockey player and golfer and makes his home with his parents in Stratford, Ontario.


Vancouver, BC

Ezra is a very curious young man. This has led him to partake in many different adventures. For his grade 9 year, Ezra attended an international boarding school in the Palani hills of southern India. Kodaikanal International School provided Ezra with countless memories, lessons, and experiences. Through Kodaikanal International School, Ezra participated in an exchange to the Netherlands for one month. Upon Ezra’s return home to Vancouver, he embarked on a totally new adventure: the TREK program, which is an outdoor experiential program with a condensed academic year. Ezra’s TREK experience has just finished and now he is preparing to go on exchange to Quebec for one month, followed by his expedition to the Arctic. While in the Arctic, Ezra hopes to learn about everything he possibly can. He is particularly interested in learning about what role the Arctic plays within the global ecosystem. He is also very interested in learning about the cultures and general ways of life of the people living in the Arctic. Environmental and social matters in particular have always captured Ezra’s attention. Ezra is very involved within his community. He volunteers regularly, removing invasive species, as well as coaching a soccer team. He has also helped to coordinate and organize an environmental awareness conference, which targeted younger students. Other than being involved within his community, Ezra spends a lot of his time with his friends and playing sports. Ezra is very excited to meet you.


New York, NY

Chrissy McCabe is from a small suburb of New York City.  She is very passionate about traveling and the outdoors.  Even though she spends at least 10 hours at school daily she still manages to fit her love for these into her busy schedule.  Chrissy plays on many school sports teams including Lacrosse, Field Hockey, and Crew.  Outside of school Chrissy spends her time doing many other extracurricular activities.  She enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, scuba diving, and sailing. 

Since she was a young girl Chrissy has expressed her concern for how Climate Change affects these activities, starting with the ski season.  The Global Climate Change's effect on both the summer and winter seasons concerns her greatly.  She sees the effects both with her shortened ski seasons and the changing oceans effects on coral life in different parts of the world.  During the expedition Chrissy hopes to learn more firsthand about the Arctic’s ecosystem, and both its effect on the world and the world’s effect on it.  Chrissy looks forward to filming parts of the expedition and using the footage to make a documentary for her Broadcast Journalism class at school.  Post expedition she will make and submit the documentary into student Film festivals around America.  She is very excited to have this rare opportunity, which she has dreamed about for years.  And she hopes to continue on and travel to Antarctica as well!


Baker Lake, NU


Barrington, RI

Tristan Paine is passionate about the environment and wildlife photography. Over the course of a year, he takes thousands of pictures of wildlife and landscapes around the country and in his home state of Rhode Island. He also makes short films documenting the different locations that he visits. Tristan enjoys traveling and discovering new places as well as many water sports including sailing, swimming, and kiteboarding. After completing high school, Tristan plans on studying engineering and filmmaking. With engineering and filmmaking in mind he is committed to minimizing our society’s impact on the environment and working to combat climate change. Tristan is eager to learn about the Arctic and capture its natural beauty through his lens.


Clyde River, NU

Joanne Palituq lives in Clyde River, Nunavut. She was born on August 31, 1994 in Iqaluit. She has a lot of different interests like hanging out with friends and family, hunting, drawing, eating and most all traveling. She also enjoys listening to music and watching TV. Above all, her favorite thing to do is play sports. Her favorite sports are basketball and soccer.  Joanne is also part of the JRC’s, the Junior Canadian Rangers. Spending time with her family is very important to her and she loves organizing family get togethers every summer like barbecues and swimming. Another favorite past time of hers is throat singing with her best friend. I am very excited to go on Students on Ice to meet new people and make new friends. Joanne is also excited for next semester where she will start grade 11.


Pond Inlet, NU

My name is Rita Peterloosie. I come from Pond Inlet. I like to play badminton.


Eastport, NL

In September Trent will be enrolled as a grade ten student at Holy Cross School, in his hometown of Eastport, NL. While in school he is involved in many extracurricular activities such as student politics, drama and several sports teams. Trent has a keen interest in sports and physical activity, during the Fall/Winter months he’s most likely to be found at a nearby arena playing his position of defense in the game he loves so much, Hockey! During the spring and summer Trent enjoys hiking, swimming, fishing and many other outdoor activities. It was during his first year of Junior High when Trent developed a bigger interest in the environment and science. It was at this time that his science class partnered with Coastal Connections a boat charter company out of Terra Nova National Park, to do research on the local marine ecosystem. From this his interest peaked and since then Trent has begun to volunteer his time on several local committee’s which are mainly dedicated to recreation and wellness, forest sustainability, and restoration of historic trails. Trent first became aware of the SOI program when it was linked on his school district’s website, after viewing the site he was hooked and knew it was a trip of a life time, one which he wanted to be a part of. He is very much looking forward to seeing the Arctic up close and personal and what better a way then aboard the Polar Ambassador as part of the expedition team.


Mississauga, ON


Moe is one of Canada's passionate, young environmentalists. He wants to see firsthand the Arctic to understand its importance to our global ecosystem. Ever since Ernest Shackleton's expedition captured his imagination when he was young, he's been interested in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Moe leads projects for the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance and the Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee, where he finds innovative and hands-on ways to bring green spaces and green living to his community. After a cooking oil spill harmed ducks in a local lake, he helped test water quality for a study of region-wide watersheds. He's planted native species to fight invasive species at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. E.O. Wilson inspired his interest in biodiversity and green spaces. He attended Ontario Nature's Biodiversity Summit — as part of the UN's International Biodiversity campaign.

In Grade 12, he will learn to communicate science for the public good at the Ontario Science Centre's Science School. He plans to use these skills to change minds and advocate policies that protect ecosystems on which we all depend.


St. John's, NL

Aanchal is an adventurous girl, who believes now is always the right time, because the moment may never come again. She loves animals from dogs to wildlife from all around the world. One of her favourite pastimes is dance, she feels it is a good way to express herself in a physical way and gives her a sense of freedom. She currently lives in the beautiful scenic province of Newfoundland and Labrador but is originally from India. Travelling has become a necessity to Aanchal’s life. Ever since the young age of 2 Aanchal has gone from visiting relatives in the busy streets of India, to swimming on the Great Barrier Reef side by side exotic marine animals in beautiful Australia, to biking alongside the astounding alps of Switzerland. This past year Aanchal has been on several committees including Leadership – in which she was elected VP for the following year - , prom decorating, wake-a-thon,  peace and justice, spirit week, Christmas chaos, Halloween havoc and was a member of the Improv team. Aanchal also attended the RADHOC youth leadership conference at Memorial University. Aanchal enjoys playing basketball and volunteering at the local animal hospital, and she was recently offered a job there and has begun training. Other than school activities, and community work Aanchal is very outgoing and loves spending time with her friends trying new things. While in the Arctic, Aanchal hopes to understand to a greater depth the effect of global warming on our northern regions. She is particularly interested in seeing how wildlife and communities adapt to these changes. She hopes to take in as much as possible, and come back with new knowledge and lots of memories to share with her peers.  Aanchal can’t wait to meet you!


Abbotsford, BC

Since age 12, when she noticed the ski hills were receiving significantly less snow each winter, Olivia has been concerned for the welfare of our planet. Although the mild winters were the result of an Al Niño year, to her 12 year old mind she was witnessing the effects of global warming first hand. This concern turned to action at age 15, when Olivia’s grandmother gave her a book on sustainability, and she was plunged into the world of solutions and positive change.

For many years Olivia was involved behind the scenes with Abbotsford Children’s Theatre, a local theatre group. At age 16, she wrote a short play addressing sustainability and environmental issues, which won the Act NOW! National Playwriting Competition. She later co-wrote a full length play for Abbotsford Children’s Theatre, and has since remained passionate about writing for the stage.

In December 2009, Olivia travelled to Antarctica with Students On Ice, and came back inspired by the rapidly changing white continent. She gave 7 different presentations on her experiences, and created a high school (four credit) independent directed studies course, building on research done before the expedition, and her experiences in Antarctica.

In September 2010, Olivia will begin her post secondary education, working towards a Combined Honours Degree in Journalism and Environment, Sustainability and Society, in a partnership between the University of King’s College and Dalhousie University. She is fascinated by the Arctic, especially the interconnected, environmental issues, and their far reaching effects.




Marine is passionate about animals, and fascinated by wild animals. She is looking forward to discovering the Arctic fauna, but also all the white environment of this region. Since she was a young girl she has dreamt of seeing wild and quiet places. She does many extra-school activities: tennis, drama and she plays mandolin. She visited her first park, Marineland, when she was 5 years old, and since, she visits animal parks, she watches a lot of animal documentaries, and she helps her grand-father in his little farm in the summer. So later, she would like to be veterinary in a zoological garden, or for animal reserves.


New Orleans, LA

Carlos Rodirqguez-Fierro is 14 years old and is from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a freshman at Country Day high school. This is his second SOI expedition as he went to the Antarctic. He is very excited to go to the Arctic to learn about the Arctic environment and to meet new people.


New Orleans, LA


New Orleans, LA

Nicole Rodriguez-Fierro is 18 years old and is from New Orleans. She is a freshman at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. She is interested in going to medical school and is also interested in environmental studies, history and photography. This is Nicole's second SOI trip as she went last winter to Antarctica with her two siblings and had an amazing time. She is really excited to learn about and visit the Arctic.


Manotick, ON

This fall, Carly will be a grade 12 student in Ottawa, Ontario. She loves to travel because she likes to learn about new places, people and their cultures. This year she took part in a Canadian exchange program where she traveled to a native reserve in northern Saskatchewan to learn about how the natural environment influences their way of life. Carly was also part of the Outdoor Education course at school where she explored the outdoors and learned about nature. Taking pictures, drawing, reading and writing are some of her favourite hobbies.  She is very excited about this Arctic Expedition because she is interested in learning about the animals, the ecosystems, people and their culture, and the climate from the research experts. Carly also can’t wait to meet the other student explorers from all over the world. It all sounds so incredible and she is thrilled to be a part of this amazing journey!


Rankin Inlet, NU


This is Art Sateana, he is 14 years old and lives in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. He really enjoys playing soccer, hanging out with his friends, and loves being out on the land. His favourite subjects in school are Math, Health, and Gym. Art has been participating in gymnastics for 5 years and has travelled to multiple places in Canada for Gymnastics meets. He has also been to Yellowknife for Super Soccer representing Rankin. Every Summer he goes boating with his dad and has travelled to smaller communities by boat with him. They do a lot of hunting and traveling by boat during the Summer season. Art is looking forward to this experience and is very proud to be chosen to be a part of the expedition.


Kuujjuaq, QC

Eva Saunders is 15 years young, born and raised in Kuujjuaq.

This is not her first trip through Ottawa. She's been to so many other places like New York, Toronto, Florida, Vancouver, Alberta, unfortunately she hasn't travelled with her family for the past 4 years. She's really interested in exploring and travelling. Her hobbies are Sewing, Roller-blading, Reading, Skating, Soccer and so much more.


Kelowna, BC

Tegan was born in Kelowna, BC and has lived there ever since.  She spends at least two days a week out hiking, and most days she spends at least part of her time outside. Tegan is passionate about travelling, has been to many different countries, and is looking forward to witnessing the Arctic environment. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing and painting.

Ever since she was young, she has loved animals, owning a horse for several years and never knowing a life without a dog by her side. Through her experience with Students On Ice, she hopes to become more aware of the wildlife that is present, and the dangers they face due to human activity. With that knowledge, Tegan hopes to be able to make a difference and contribute to the success of the species that are currently at risk. Next year she will be attending UBC Vancouver, and has been accepted into the Science 1 program.  After many years in university, and much hard work, Tegan hopes to be known as a strong individual who has changed society for the better.


Ryley, AB

Connor is a multifaceted youth who enjoys a wide variety of activities. From rigorous physical and academic routines to meditative and leisurely hours with friends and family, he is content in any environment. His strongest lifelong passions include sailing, martial arts, physics and the outdoors.


Recently completing a two year program at a United World College he understands his role within society and the world abroad, but remains somewhat uncertain of pragmatic direction for his ecological passion. Connor seeks an informed perspective on the environment and clarity of his role within it. He hopes this will help guide him in his mission to bring about awareness and change within his home community. He also wishes to find direction for his future career as an engineer.        However, above all else, Connor wishes to find a deep spiritual connection with the people and natural surroundings of the trip. This connection, which exists outside of the intelligible realm, is where he hopes to derive the greatest learning.


Hanover, ON

Megan is seventeen years old, and is entering grade twelve at Sacred Heart High School in Walkerton, Ontario where she is an honours student. She is a member of the school band where she plays the clarinet, a member of the Environmental Committee on the Student Activities Council, and a member of the school's Reach for the Top team. Megan enjoys step dancing and playing the piano and plays in the youth choir at her church. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends. Megan really enjoys scrapbooking and photography because they allow her to express herself creatively. She also enjoys cooking, exercising, yoga, and reading.  She has always had a passion for science and has completed eight science fair projects.  Megan has attended five Canada-Wide Science Fairs where she was able to share her scientific discoveries with other students.  She has represented Canada at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists in Paris, France and at the International Sustainable World Project Olympiad in Houston, Texas where she won a silver medal. She is currently interested pursuing a career in medicine, focusing on holistic and environmental health.  Megan is thrilled to be travelling the Arctic and discovering this area of Canada.  She is specifically interested in learning how the Arctic is being affected by global warming. Megan is also looking forward to visiting northern communities and learning about the effects that the environment has on health.


Sorel-Tracy, QC

Estelle Simon was born on July 4th, 1993 in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec. She was studying Sciences at the Fernand-Lefebvre high school and she will go to Cegep next year in Sciences.


Her passion for sciences gave her the opportunity to participate in many science fairs. In 2008, she had the pleasure to be part of Team Canada for the INTEL ISEF and her participation in this international event changed her life and helped her continue her future scientific projects.


Constantly motivated by scientific curiosity, Estelle and her partner Camille Salvas did experimentation in 2009 and with their project they participated in CWSF where they won the Intermediate Platinum award. Estelle was also part of Team Canada for the MILSET in Tunisia and she will go to Slovakia for another MILSET event in 2011. Estelle plays for her high school volleyball team “Polypus” and is also a good horseback rider. With her parents, Estelle developed a passion for travelling in nature around the world, by sailing, diving, trekking and exploring the continents. She always had an interest for the Arctic and her trip to this polar region is a dream becoming true.


The love of technology gave her the dream and goal to work in pediatric medicine, to improve sanitary conditions for children and provide humanitarian aid.


Sortland, Norway

This is Ingrid Skjoldvær. Ingrid comes from Sortland, a small town in Northern Norway. She is passionate about the environment, is the local leader of "Natur og Ungdom," an environmental organization for youth and she was awarded "Citizen of Sortland" for 2009. Apart from the environment, her other main interest is music. She plays the flute, the piano and sings. When she finishes high school she plans to spend some time working voluntarily in Natur og Ungdom. Ingrid is eager to learn more about the polar ice and the impacts of ice melting in the Arctic.


Hønefoss, Norway

Eirik Stein-Andersen is 17 years old and lives on a farm outside Hønefoss, Norway. He is currently in grade 11 and attending Ringerike Videregående secondary school. He is very interested in sports and plays for the Hønefoss–Ringerike hockey team. During the winter he is also an active cross-country and alpine skier.

Eirik is very involved with his school and in his community. He is class representative for the student advisory board, member of the school social environment group, the school environment board and member of the Teen Advisory for the county’s politicians. He has long been interested in the Arctic and awed by its vastness and natural beauty. He is looking forward to seeing the Arctic, its flora and fauna and hopefully meeting inhabitants. He is interested in learning about their culture and how people and lifestyle have been impacted by climate change. Eirik is keen to meet the other members of the expedition, to share and discuss differing international perspectives about the Arctic and global climate change.

Eirik believes that this expedition to the Arctic creates a great opportunity to learn and spread knowledge about the Arctic and climate change. He hopes to build on this unique experience to create awareness about the Arctic - sharing the knowledge and perspectives he has learned with his peers, local community and politicians.

Follow Eirik's personal journey on his blog:


Wellington, PEI

Hardy Strom is 16 years old, on his way to the twelfth grade.  He has been very interested in all the aspects of the environment ever since taking an environmental studies class in the tenth grade.  In his spare time he enjoys playing the guitar, reading, and playing sports like hockey and rugby on his school team. He hopes to learn many things from the expedition, especially about the effects that climate change has had on the people and ecosystems of the arctic.  Hardy hopes that this expedition will lead to greater things in his life and that he can show the people of his community, and hopefully the world, the repercussions that our throw away lifestyle can bring.


Bristol, RI

Carolyn St. Vincent is always determined to make a difference, whether it be to one individual, or a whole community. She works with the East Bay Special Olympics and is interested in the lifestyles of various groups of people and cultures. Carolyn also has played multiple varsity sports for her high school (soccer, tennis, basketball, lacrosse, track) and enjoys working with others to achieve a common goal. She would love to learn more about the problems in our environment so she can be a part of spreading that knowledge, in hope of seeking solutions. In the summer, one would find Carolyn hanging around outside with her friends and coming up with unusual ideas to keep themselves entertained. During the school year, Carolyn works hard to maintain a good grade point average, while balancing her sports teams and extra curricular activities, such as the Mt. Hope Marching Band and National Honors Society. She keeps herself active in her community, volunteering for events such as town wide clean-ups and food drives. Carolyn strives to continue her education where she can choose a career which will enable her to pursue her dreams of helping others. She looks forward to being a part of the Students on Ice Expedition and is anxious to meet other students who share her same ambitions.


Calgary, AB

Jacob Swan is entering grade 12 at Western Canada High School. He was born in Alberta, and has lived in Calgary his whole life. Jacob is an outgoing, athletic, optimistic individual with a good sense of humour. 

Some of his interests include golfing, skiing, and waterskiing. 

Throughout the year, he also plays rugby, baseball and soccer competitively. He is looking forward to visiting the Arctic because he wants to see the natural wonders it has to offer. From this expedition, he hopes to learn more about himself, and help decide what he would like to do as a future career. Jacob also wants to gain understanding of what he and his community can do to better protect the environment.


Bell Island, NL

Donovan Taplin is not an active environmentalist, but he is an environmental activist. Donovan enjoys public oration and strives to one day be a broadcast journalist. He draws his inspiration for public speaking and writing from the economic, social and environmental issues of today’s world and for that reason the current dilemma faced in the Arctic and Polar Regions interests him deeply. He is the founder of a youth environmental group known as the Green Island Society which looks to achieve environmental awareness and improvement within his own community and school. Donovan has completed several science fair projects and has recently participated in regional competition at the Marine Institute where he was a bronze medalist in Life Sciences and the recipient of the Newfoundland and Labrador Society of Laboratory Technologists award and the Via Rail Canada EnviroExpo Special award.  He hopes to gain the latest insights during the expedition to better provide understanding for his community members about the environment and the positive actions they can play a role in. Donovan is enthusiastic about meeting the people of the Arctic and is eager to listen to their anecdotes and perspectives on climate issues as well as the preservation of not only their physical environment but their time-honoured traditions. Donovan was born in 1994 of Bell Island Newfoundland and Labrador and has also lived in the southern Ontario city of Cambridge. As a proud Canadian he hopes that the 2010 Students on Ice Arctic Youth Expedition will be an opportunity to meet new and interesting people, a green fuel for upcoming endeavours and a medium to broaden career and educational aspirations.

St. John's, NL

Nicolas Nathan Taylor is a 15 year old boy from St. John’s, Newfoundland who will be beginning grade ten in the fall at Holy Trinity high school.  He is the youngest person in his family of four with one brother who is 19 years old. He enjoys kayaking, mountain biking, fishing and lots of other outdoor activities. He likes hanging out with friends and family and loves participating in basketball, soccer and track and field. He enjoys the rush of driving a dirt bike, quad and Jet Ski. Being outdoors in general has always been something he looks forward to and being able to participate in outdoor sports makes the experience even better.   For the past four years he has volunteered at Gros Morne adventures in Gros Morne national park as a kayak tour guide. In his years at Gros morne adventures he has greatly expanded his knowledge of the natural world and is very excited to continue doing so on the 2010 Students on Ice expedition.


Fort Providence, NT

Bradley was born in Yellowknife on December 12, 1995. Bradley attended Deh Gah Elementary & Secondary School in Fort Providence and has just completed grade nine with honours. Bradley is a very outgoing young man who has had multiple opportunities to explore the world outside of his small community of one thousand people. Our community consists of, for the majority, aboriginal First Nations people.  Bradley has and continues to be involved in school and community related activities, events and gatherings. Some of the highlights in his young life have been being involved in 2010 Encounters with Canada focusing on the 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge. He has also been a Young Page in the 2009 NWT Legislative Assembly where he worked as a messenger for the Members of the Legislative Assembly within the government of the Northwest Territories. He has participated in numerous sports events and has displayed excellent sportsmanship. He has been involved in Aboriginal Youth Conferences and Workshops within various places in Canada, mainly Edmonton and Victoria. Bradley has a keen interest in marine biology, videos games, music, swimming and science. Bradley has been the recipient of the Science & Math Awards and Academic Excellence for grade 8 & 9. These awards are recognized school wide and were recommended by his teachers. It has been expressed to Bradley by others that this expedition would be an opportunity of a life time and he is beginning to see that. He hopes to learn more about the global warming and climate change issues and how he can help as a young person. It will be the very first time for Bradley aboard the ship!!! Along with that, he looks forward to meeting other students with the same interest and hopes to gain lifelong friendships and knowledge. Bradley is very easy to get along with, has a good sense of humour and will be an added joy to this journey. This opportunity will definitely be a good addition to his resume. He hopes to share this journey and experience with his school mates upon his return. Mahsi Cho! (thank you very much) for this opportunity of a life time!!!


Kuujjuaq, QC


Memphis. TN

Daphne Turnage lives in Memphis, Tennessee and goes to Melrose Highschool. She is involved in many school activities, such as the volleyball, softball and golf teams. She choose to be apart of the SOI expedition as it was a wonderful chance to meet people and to be apart of something that could change the world. In the fall, she will be a rising senior and is very focused on her studies. She is currently looking for a university  that will bring out her greatest potential. She believes that, without a doubt, SOI will open her eyes to a better view on life and how to treat the environment.


Whitehorse, YT


Hannah is a fifteen year old girl who lives in Whitehorse, Yukon. She enjoys spending time with friends and loves being around her family. She was born and raised in the Yukon, and has lived in many of the small communities, but currently calls Whitehorse home. She is athletic and loves to play basketball and volleyball, but her passion when it comes to sports is definitely hockey. Some of Hannah’s other pastimes include reading, running, spending time with friends, photography and band. She is going into grade eleven, and after high school she hopes to attend university to study marine biology and film making. Hannah has traveled a lot in her life mainly to Europe and South America, but has never been to the Arctic. She hopes to make the best of her experience with Students on Ice, by learning a lot, making new friends and getting a different view of the world around her.


Kangirsujaq, QC


Ottawa, ON


Patrick is from Ottawa and likes to be outdoors all year around. He is a member of Nakkertok, a competitive cross country ski team, and trains with his teammates 11 months a year. He hopes to compete at Nationals in the winter of 2011. Patrick also likes mountain biking in Gatineau Park, reading books and fishing in Northern Ontario. He is part of an environmental group at his high school called Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) where he can take outdoor-related courses such as wilderness first aid and GPS training. Patrick can't wait to experience the Arctic. He is looking forward to observing as many species of Arctic wildlife as possible, hiking on Baffin Island and meeting with Inuit Elders. Animals of the past and present have been compelling to Patrick for his whole life, from playing with model animals as an infant to many years of reading about dinosaurs, prehistoric animals and, more recently, enjoying animals in their natural word such as ermines, martins, black bears and bald eagles.


Port Hope, ON


Hugh was born in London, reared in Turkey and Russia, and has just completed secondary school in Canada.  He has visited the Arctic in Finland, as a child, but has never been to Canada’s north.  Hugh has been very active with environmental organizations at school and in the community.  He belongs to a few choirs and plays some instruments.  He is looking forward to hearing more of, and learning about, Inuit music and singing, and is interested in northern Canadian culture, whether Inuit or otherwise, and traditional Inuit knowledge.

This fall, Hugh will attend St. John’s College in Annapolis for the Great Books Program.


New York, NY

Emilie is going to be a sophomore in high school. At school she rides horses and takes every science class that she can fit into her schedule. She loves nature and animals, and she can't wait to begin her adventure in the Arctic.



Burlington, ON

For Andrew Wong, the splendour of the outdoors has always been a place of passion for him, to pursue his past-times of fishing, wildlife painting, photography, and taking care of his vegetable garden.  At a very young age, however, he learned that the outdoor environment he loved was in danger, so he began advocating and acting for positive change.  His dedication to the environment includes extensive volunteer efforts with the BurlingtonGreen Youth Network — a local non-profit environmental organization comprised of passionate youth from across the city.

At school, Andrew is the President of the Environment Club and Biology Club.  He has also spent countless hours leading the restoration and management of an under-utilized greenhouse at his school.  With a dedicated team of students, he established the Greenhouse Horticultural Society and they grew and sold geraniums as an annual fundraiser.  Today the greenhouse provides educational enrichment to students studying horticulture, and is an inspirational accomplishment for students and faculty at Andrew’s high school.

Aspiring to be a full-fledged environmentalist, Andrew hopes the Arctic Expedition will help him truly understand the intricate relationship humanity has with delicate Arctic ecosystems, and how human health is being affected by adverse changes to the Arctic’s natural resources. Upon return, he will share his exciting new experiences and knowledge with a large audience through: his environmental blog “Million Green Lights Project”, a local eco-conference, and other innovative programs. His goal? To inspire youth to gain a deeper appreciation for our precious Earth. 

Andrew's Million Green Lights Project can be viewed here:

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