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The Students on Ice Arctic Youth Expedition 2010 website allows visitors to follow the expedition's daily progress (August 4-20, 2010) and benefit from various educational elements of the expedition.

This Google Earth map contains the planned expedition route. We will be tracking the  expedition daily with GPS positions and imagery taken at each site, so you can see the sights just as the expedition team does! This map will be updated throughout the day during the expedition for your viewing pleasure. To view the expeditions current location, updated approximately every 10 minutes click here.

Journal entries and photos from our student participants, education and other expedition team members will be posted daily!

Please remember that our team is visiting one of the most remote places on Earth! Sometimes there are delays posting images and journals entries. When delays occur, our web team will let our followers know if the team is having difficulty establishing a satellite feed. Flexibility is the key! Stay tuned... and visit often!

Stay tuned . . . Visit often!

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