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Tuesday, January 8, 2008: Day 15

Miami, Florida - 9:25 am EST

Posted by Geoff Green, Expedition Leader

Our flight just touched down in Miami!! It looks like a beautiful day out there. After clearing customs and claiming our bags, the students will start taking there connecting flights home or getting picked up. Our incredible IPY Antarctic journey is drawing to an end. And what an experience it was!! However, as we have discussed with the students, this is really just the beginning of many things to come, great outcomes to follow, and a great step forward in their journey of life.

Our Canadian contingent will be overnighting in Miami and flying home tomorrow morning!

I will post an expedition summary email this evening, and please stay tuned for more updates including our post-expedition video in the days ahead! Thanks to all for sharing our expedition.

Have to run,


Posted by Serin Remedios, student

Theme Song(s) of the Day:
You Went Away - Tegan and Sara
Citizens of Tomorrow - Tokyo Police Club

Well, this is a surprise; I thought yesterday would be my last journal writing day. Because of that I used up my best theme song! Oh well, I racked my brain for a couple of more. But anyways, I am writing this journal in the Buenos Aires International Airport, and it is currently 12:46 am. With this in mind, please forgive me if my entry is a little scattered.

This morning (it feels like years ago) we woke up bright and early. During the night the ship had docked in Ushuaia, so we were immediately affronted with the hustle and rush of civilization. Right after breakfast we had to say goodbye to some members of our team who were either staying in Argentina or catching different flights from Ushuaia. However there wasn’t enough time because the rest of us had to catch our flight to Buenos Aires. Flying in large groups is always an ordeal for both the group and the airport staff. However, after getting everyone to the gate, the flight was relatively painless. I think a lot of people had some quick cat naps while others just chatted. Once we landed in Buenos Aires we had to say goodbye to the some of the students from overseas like my roommate, Noor, from Dubai. Also we said goodbye to some more of the education team. It was hard to say goodbye to our friends whom we shared so many great experiences with. We finally had to face the reality that our expedition was coming to an end.

Once in Buenos Aires we boarded two buses to go on a tour of the city. Although Buenos Aires is a beautiful city full of personality and vigour, I have to admit I was in a bit of culture shock after returning from the purity of Antarctica. Everything in Antarctica was so refreshing and numinous (word of the day!). There were no cars, no hordes of people, no billboards, no roads, no skyscrapers, no schedules. The maniacal life of the city was left behind us. However, when we arrived back in Buenos Aires we were affronted with advertisements, pollution, poverty, and rush. Despite this, the tour of Buenos Aires was very interesting. We saw many sights including the obelisk, the presidential “pink house”, and the public gardens.

We also stopped at a popular tourist street for some souvenirs. While many just stopped at the one main shop, the street itself was actually really interesting if one just looked a bit further. All of the houses were painted many vibrant, mismatching colours which lent to an eclectic, clownish feeling. Next we also stopped at the City Square where national demonstrations are held. After that we went to dinner at a traditional Argentinean restaurant. The food was excellent but in the middle of it all our friends Alé, Roby, and Atala from Mexico had to leave to catch their flight. Finally it was time for the rest of us to go to the airport.

I’m not looking forward to the flight although I have armed myself with candy and water to hopefully last me throughout the night. I love being in Antarctica and I love being at home; I just am not so fond of the travel in between. Oh well…I really shouldn’t complain at all. Love to mom at home, and I’ll be seeing you soon!


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