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Monday, January 7, 2008: Day 14

Buenos Aires, Argentina – 12:25 pm EST

Posted from SOI World HQ

The group has arrived to Buenos Aires and is enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the 90s ('F) / 30s ('C) touring around. Many are still adjusting to the heat after being in Antarctica for close to two weeks! After an enjoyable lunch, they stopped at La Boca ‘Camonito’ and students are currently wandering in the shops and around the colourful neighbourhood.

Later this afternoon all will head over to plaza de mayo (May Square) before sitting down to a traditional Argentine dinner at one of Geoff’s favourite restaurants in the city.

The bulk of the group will venture over to the airport with full stomachs where our North American contingent will fly to Miami at 2:15 am!

This morning our group which has grown progressively closer during our time together began to break up. Some staff and Education Team Members stayed behind in Ushuaia. Our teams from Mexico and Portugal will part ways with the Canadians, Americans and others from around the world later today.

We acknowledge that parting ways can be challenging and are confident in knowing that the 2007 Antarctic Expedition offered students and educators many powerful learning opportunities. We at Students on Ice look forward to being in touch with all expedition participants to learn about how each of us is working for change in our communities around the world!



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