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Wednesday, December 26, 2007: Day 2

Buenos Aires, Argentina - 7:07 am EST

Posted from SOI World HQ

Good morning! Our group from Miami landed in Buenos Aires bright and early. After a quick tour around town, they were shuttled from international airport (EZE) to the domestic airport (AEP). They will board their flight to Ushuaia shortly.

The group which began in Toronto and were re-routed through Chicago will be landing in Buenos Aires in a little over an hour. They will explore around Buenos Aires on their way to the domestic airport to board a flight to Ushuaia this afternoon.

Later in the day all participants will come together for introductions, an expedition briefing and our first dinner together.

Check back for for updates throughout the day!
Buenos Aires, Argentina - 12:21 pm EST

Posted by Geoff Green, Expedition Leader

It is a beautiful day here in Buenos Aires - the sun is shining and it's about 30 degrees Celsius!

We are driving through the downtown on our way to the domestic airport and having a nice tour of the city. All is well with our group. The students are happy and enjoying the sights.

We are doing our best to make flight arrangements to get those of us who began in Toronto to Ushuaia later today. Fingers crossed!

The students have all been great - their energy is contageous! They have been getting to know each other and sharing stories. All are very excited!

Stay tuned . . .
Ushuaia, Argentina - 6:09 pm EST

Posted from SOI World HQ

After an epic day of plane travel, nearly all of our team has made it to the world's southernmost city and capital of the Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego!

Tonight we will clean up, enjoy each other's company over a good meal, participate in our first expedition briefing and get rested for a big day soaking in the scene tomorrow.

Posted by Tim Medeiros, student

"Tales From the Crip: How the Crip Came To Be"

The first day was filled with travel and suspense, anticipation at meeting staff and fellow participants, and eagerness of making new friends. The one thing that was different from this trip for me than any other of my travels around the US and world was that coming down the stairs from immigration in Buenos Aires, Argentina I miscalculated the last step and my left foot folded over on itself causing my 220 pound body, with my 35 pound backpack to focus all its weight on my ankle. Needless to say there was a nice loud pop and a sudden up-close inspection of the floor. What really amazed me is that by the time I got my pack off and sat up there were at least 5 of my fellow participants and as many staff members seeing if I was alright, more worried than I was that I might have broken something. This, to me, has set the stage for the type of activity this will be, and the caliber of the participants and staff, in addition to our camaraderie that will soon develop.


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